3 Specialized Books on WordPress Plugin Development

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Books on WordPress plugins

WordPress is the fast growing, most popular Content Management System existing in the world today. It already covers one third of the digital world and conquering everything on its way. WordPress has its own swag but you can make it more advanced, functional and swagger by developing plugins on your own. Like the Codexpert says,

“WordPress can do more”

Now, if you’re a nerd, just avoid this article and go on your way.

But, if you are geek and seek to get to the core of WordPress plugin development, this article is only for you. In this article, we will introduce you to 3 books which is specialized for WordPress plugin developer.

So, let’s get started!

Professional WordPress Plugin Development


This is book from a very famous writer and author of many books Brad Williams, along with Ozh Richard and Justin Tadlock. The vision of this book is to take WordPress to the next level of plugin development. Authors have used their personal experiences to illustrate a practical, solution based approach to make this book more efficient to the developer. You will find lots of codes and examples about how to create a plugin along with integrating widgets, creation of menus/sub menus, security of the plugin etc. the book covers some important issues about plugin development like

  • How to Develop a simple or complex plugin depending on the demands.
  • Create plugins for multi sites.
  • Fundamental of a plugin like use of Hook, multilingual support, plugins security.
  • Integrating plugin to WordPress, menus/ sub menus, creating widgets and uninstall.
  • Cover complex topics like REST API, AJAX, JavaScript, Cron etc.

You will understand more about the context of this book from the index. Here-

According to the authors, this book targets three types of people.

  1. Professional web developers
  2. Freelancers
  3. Hobbyist Programmers.

In one word, this book is “amazing’ for anyone.

Building Web Apps with WordPress: WordPress as an application framework

This is book illustrates how anyone can use WordPress to create application like – themes and plugins. Authors describes WordPress as an application framework. By using WordPress, anyone can extend its functionalities with a knowledge of PHP, CSS, HTML and JavaScript and create full-blown customized app for specialized tasks. This book is the perfect guide for any kind of developers from beginner to professional.

This book covers most of the crucial parts in WordPress app development. Like

  • Compare WordPress with other frameworks as app development environment.
  • How to design themes and develop a plugin.
  • Develop same app for IOS and android using wrappers.
  • Discuss about PHP, REST API etc.

The book is written by Brian Messenlehner, Jason Coleman and Scott Bolinger. Every one of them has shared their practical knowledge and experiences in this book to make WordPress more efficient for its readers and forthcoming WordPress developers.

WordPress Plugin Development Cookbook

This book is for the intermediate developer like who has some basic programming knowledge and wants to build his/her carrier with WordPress app (plugin) development. The key features of this book are –

  • Basic plugin creation
  • Discuss about MySQL Database administration.
  • Understanding jQuery, AJAX and JavaScript.
  • Plugin internationalization and
  • Distributing free version of your plugin in WordPress.org.

The book is written by Yannick Lefebvre who is also a plugin developer. One of his popular plugins is “Link Library”.

WordPress is growing and spreading its branches every day. These books can be a good guidance for you.

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