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5 Featured themes by WordPress

WordPress theme is a necessary tool to make your websites dashing. You can create your own theme but there are dedicated people makes the theme ready for you. There are more than 7000 themes stored in the WordPress repository. The good news is, most of them are free. Free doesn’t always means its cheap or uglier, it could be beautiful too. In a WordPress community, people love to do things for free or take merely a cost which can be affordable to you or others. That’s the great thing about WordPress community.

There are paid themes also. Paid themes definitely have extensive functions, more features, pre-installed plugins which are quite necessary. So obviously, paid themes have their perks.

Choosing or selecting a theme can be really confusing. But if you know the things to consider when selecting or buying a WordPress theme, it will be easier and more convenient for you.

To make your life easier, I’ll show the top five themes which are featured by the itself.

Let’s see them!

Twenty Nineteen

The very first theme is by WordPress itself. The ‘Twenty Nineteen’- a very fantastic and twisted name. the sole purpose of the theme is to show the power of Gutenberg aka block editor. It is suitable for every types of website like blog, e-commerce, profitable or non-profit organization etc.

The features are – ample whitespace, sans serif headlines, serif body text, fits on all screen.


Mudita is developed by rara themes. This theme is renowned for its stunning design. If you’re in for consultancy, blogging, corporate business, digital agency, portfolio; Mudita is the right choice for you. The theme is also trusted for its clean and secure coding. There are some magnificent features in it, such as – SEO friendly, user friendly, responsive, interactive, custom widgets, multilingual etc.


Jumla theme is developed by themeinwp for WordPress. It is exclusively built for any kind of blogging like photo blog, musical blog, personal blog or product blog. The remarkable bold details and unique styling makes it the best theme for blogging. There are some special features in it like – Social Media Plugin, easy readability, responsive design, user friendly etc.

Senses Lite

Senses lite from Shaped Pixels is the simplest design specially for personal and business blogging. It is now the most popular and trending among the bloggers. The features of this themes are- contemporary design, responsive, RTL option, custom gallery option, 3 blog styles etc.


Nile is the child theme of Alexandria developed by tskk. This theme is solely developed for the business solution. The feature of this theme is- business home layout, responsive, two color skins, three product blocks, widgets features in footer and sidebar, social media icons on footer etc.

Choosing or selecting a theme even for rating is the toughest job to do. Every theme has some specialty and beauties on their side. That’s the reason they are so hard to rate.




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