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Best WordPress Themes For Blogs

WordPress theme


If you have ever worked with WordPress then you must know about WordPress theme. A theme or template plays a vital role in expanding a WordPress site. There are thousands of free themes of WordPress that make it easy to create a WordPress blog site. But you have to decide which WordPress theme is best for you. We’ll discuss some of the best WordPress themes for blogs in the current world, which you can benefit from:


WordPress themes



Astra is a fully customizable and free WordPress blog theme. It mainly builds a portfolio, personal blogs, business blog sites. And WordPress helps sites work very well. This theme supports WooCommerce and you can use it with any language. It has many color and font options. This theme is one of the most used themes at the present time.


OceanWP is one of the most popular free WordPress themes of the day. This plugin has its own default plugin. After installing the theme, it recommends installing its own plugin called Free Page Builder. This theme with its own plugin can be created for any website including blogs, magazines, business websites, e-commerce stores. This theme has multiple layouts, full-width pages, two navigation menus, multiple sidebars, beautiful image galleries, and more with custom logo support fields. The theme is very flexible and the customization process is much easier.


Hestia is a very flexible free WordPress theme that is very easy to set up. It has a companion plugin that helps to add the testimonials and services section of your website. It can also be used with popular Page Builder plugins. It can also be used for WooCommerce. Its homepage can be easily set up using the Live Theme Customizer.



Bento is a WordPress theme for Multi-Purpose. This is a theme that is very powerful and rich in many features. This theme works great with Page Builder plugins. It also recommends installing plugins according to its integration. As a free WordPress theme, Bento is great for customization and with many features.


We often find common feature themes for our WordPress site. Modernize is such a theme and it is designed in a very general way. This is a collapsible blog theme and has one or two layouts. Modernize has improved readability by using clean typography.


The Ribosome is a magazine-style free WordPress blog theme. It’s a blog theme featuring custom headers, custom backgrounds, and many colors. It has a navigation menu and a social menu at the top. It has two columned layouts on the right site that make this blog theme even richer. The Ribosome has six separate Google fonts, round or square thumbnails, wide area for posting. Suitable for displaying ads or any posts in this wide area.


Similar to the blog themes mentioned above, Poseidon is a free multi-purpose WordPress blog theme. Some of its most notable features are its wide layout features and a full-width slider. And also included in the homepage layout and the multi-page template. The homepage layout can be easily set up and customized for use.

SiteOrigin Unwind:

SiteOrigin Unwind is a versatile free WordPress theme worthy of WooCommerce support. This is a WordPress theme made in simple style. It has multiple layouts, custom headers, backgrounds and color support features. SiteOrigin Unwind is a unique WordPress theme for WooCommerce.



Hemingway is a clean WordPress blog theme. Hemingway is a blog theme featuring two-column layout, parallax effect, and full-wide header. It supports color custom, custom logo uploads, page template customization, etc. That means you can customize anything in between. This will make your WordPress tasks faster and easier.


The libretto is an extremely elegant WordPress blog theme. Its specialty is that it can display long-form essays, stories, poems, etc. This theme was originally created for them. Much beautiful Typography and Playfair Display have been used in the Libretto to write much easier. Also using Libre Baskerville Fonts as fonts. A blog has a distraction-free single column layout to sort the posts on a layered basis.


A WordPress theme is an essential tool for a WordPress site. So there are thousands of themes for any WordPress site that each has many different features. You can choose any type of theme to suit your work. We’ve outlined the most commonly used 10 themes mentioned above, which will be of use to you in theme development. You will surely benefit from knowing the details.

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