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Customize WooCommerce checkout page with Woolementor

customize woocommerce checkout with elementor

The WooCommerce checkout page is the most important part of a WooCommerce store. Most WooCommerce store owners struggle with the checkout page design because the default one offered by WooCommerce is not easily customizable.

WooCommerce checkout page has to be attractive as well as flawless for your online store visitors. You can easily create a beautiful WooCommerce checkout page for your online store in a few minutes using Woolementor!

No coding skill is required for this. You can drag and drop widgets from Woolementor and edit on top of those. You can also remove unnecessary fields from the checkout form which is a big relief in many cases, especially when selling digital products that don’t require shipping addresses.


woocommerce checkout page editing with Woolementor

You need to focus on improving your customer’s experience to boost your sales. That’s why it is important to simplify your WooCommerce checkout page that loads smoothly and is easy to understand.

Steps to create WooCommerce checkout page With Woolementor

Woolementor contains tons of useful widgets for your website. You will need to use the billing, shipping, order review, payment methods, thank you, and order pay widget of Woolementor to quickly design a WooCommerce checkout page.

Just make sure you have a WooCommerce store with Elementor installed on your site if you haven’t already.

Follow these steps to create a WooCommerce checkout page using Woolementor:

Step 1: You need to assign a new page as the default WooCommerce checkout page

To design your own beautiful checkout Page with the Wolementor checkout widgets, you will need to replace the default checkout page with another new page.

First, create a new page from your WordPress Dashboard. Now navigate to:

WordPress Dashboard – WooCommerce – Settings – Advanced tab

You will need to assign your desired page as your checkout page here. Select the checkout page option and pick your new page from the drop-down to set it as the default WooCommerce checkout page.

Step 2: Activate Woolementor checkout widgets

You can activate the checkout widgets from the Woolementor widgets tab on the WordPress dashboard.

Now you will have to edit your WooCommerce checkout page using the Elementor Editor. Search for the Woolementor checkout widgets from the ‘Search’ option under the ‘ELEMENTS’ tab.

Now all you have to do is just Drag & Drop the Woolementor checkout widgets into the sections as follows –

  • In a single section add the billing, shipping, order review, and payment methods widget. Click on “Contains Checkout” in the settings of this section.

  • Add a new section to insert the Thank You widget and select “Contains Thank You” for this section.

  • Add another section for the Order pay widget and select “Contains Order Pay” on this section’s setting.

Step 3: Edit and customize the content of the new checkout page

Now you can start editing the content of your Woolementor checkout page to make it more suitable for your site. You can change the content of each checkout widget however you want with Woolementor.
Under the ‘Content’ tab of the billing and shipping widget, you can change section title, edit field name, and add new fields.

WooCommerce checkout

On the order notes widget, you can change the title and add new fields also.

On the thank you widget you can add a thank you message and change the title of order info.

On the order-pay widget, you can add change the section title and button text.

Step 4: Style your new WooCommerce checkout page

After editing the content of your new checkout page, it’s time to start styling it to make it look more attractive to your customers. You will have tons of options available to style your new WooCommerce checkout page in any way you want. Click on the ‘Style’ tab of the different widgets of the page.



Step 5: Save your Changes

After you are done styling and customizing your WooCommerce checkout page, make sure to save your changes. You can also preview the changes before publishing the page.



Final Words

That’s all! You are ready to publish your new checkout Page. This is how Woolementor makes it really easy to customize and style your checkout page in just a few minutes. So what are you waiting for? Try out these awesome and useful widgets from Woolementor today!

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