CoDesigner brings 60 pre-made blocks! Know how to use them

We are really excited to make your life easier with CoDesigner blocks! It lets you create an eye-catching website in hours! With our 60+ pre-made blocks you can now build websites without any coding knowledge.

CoDesigner blocks are easy to use and fully customizable! These blocks are just like Lego bricks and all you need to do is placing them at the right spot to make a web page. It also lowers the hassle of designing templates and making the design fully responsive.

With CoDesigner blocks, you will get eye-catching and pre-designed layouts to make a complete website. Also, we will be adding more blocks in the future. So, you will have countless design ideas to make a beautiful website.

Creating a web page with CoDesigner Blocks

Suppose, you want to make a homepage for your website using CoDesigner Blocks. First, you will need to install Elementor and CoDesigner plugins to have the most out of CoDesigner Blocks. After that follow the steps below:

  1. Go to click the Edit With Elementor button while you are in the WordPress backend.

      2. Click the folder button appearing next to the plus button appearing at the center of the page.

3. You will see three tabs named- Blocks, Pages, and Templates.

4. Now, navigate to the Blocks tab

      5. You will see a search bar at the top right and search for CoDesigner Blocks just by writing woolementor or category names.

6. Select any of the blocks and click the Insert button to add it to the desired section of your page.

7. That’s it! Now edit the blocks according to your preferences and add more blocks to complete the Home page.

Also, you can preview the bocks by clicking the zoom icon.

Search for Blocks according to category

There are 9 categories of CoDesigner Blocks. You can search for the categories according to the following names:

  • Cart Page
  • Filter
  • Gallery
  • Pricing Table
  • Related Products
  • Shop Page
  • Single Product
  • Tabs
  • CoDesigner Others

So, what are you waiting for! Try CoDesigner blocks today and create your own website in just a few hours!

CoDesigner is also packed with 45+ fabulous widgets! Take a look at some fascinating demos and download it from here.

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