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10 reasons to choose Elementor to create your next website

Want to build and customize your website without hiring a developer and zero coding knowledge? Then considering the World’s number 1 page builder- Elementor would be one of the choices you have made so far! Because it has given WordPress a new life and made it more user-friendly than ever. Elementor is more popular than other page builders because it focuses more on designs, layouts, and user interfaces.

After using Elementor, you won’t feel the urge to hire a developer because it’s super easy to use. You can also worry less about the design- cause it comes with lots of pre-made templates.

 10 reasons why you should choose Elementor before any other page builder:

Website design

1. Elementor helps you design and develop your site smartly

WordPress is a great CMS to generate content and reduce distractions and Elementor adds more vast customization options to it with just a few clicks. The amazing part about this page builder is you can customize your desired website just with drag and drop.

You can choose from a huge collection of templates, widgets, and page layouts to make your dream website. It also lets the users create page layouts, and all these tasks can be done without any coding. You can create an eCommerce marketplace, travel website, company website, or anything you want.

There are many developers who contributed to making Elementor great by developing various widgets and plugins for it and CoDesigner is one of them. Woolemntor makes Elementor more customizable for those who to take their website to another level. It also connects Elementor to the World’s best eCommerce platform- WooCommerce and helps you to boost your online business.

2. Doesn’t require any coding skills

Most business owners don’t want to create their website by themselves because they are afraid of lots of code to design and customize a website. Worry not! Elementor is here to remove that fear once and for all. Now business owners can easily build a website just by dragging and dropping with the Elementor.

You don’t need any coding language to use Elementor. All you need is a clear vision of how your website will be. You will also get more time to contrate on your plans and business because Elementor eliminates the stress of creating a website.

3. Pre-built blocks to design web pages in minutes

Both Elementor and CoDesigner help to build the site precisely with a huge collection of pre-built components. These are also known as blocks or modules. You can use these blocks to create a full web page within minutes!

The blocks come pre-designed. You can also adjust the outlook of your page according to your preferences. Also, all the customization options are easy to find to make the process quick.

4. Drag and drop to create a website

Elementor has come up with the drag-and-drop feature just to save your precious time and effort to create a beautiful website. You can effortlessly add anything like images, text holders, fonts, buttons, icons, elements, and more to any page.

All you need to do is just drag the appropriate add-on and drop it in your desired place within the page. Everything can be done as you think and you have the whole control over every component.

Use elementor Templates

5. Use pre-built templates to build sites quicker

Building a website from scratch can take months. With Elementor you can build a full website within days if you can learn how to use all the functions properly. The pre-built template by Elementor helps to speed up the development phase with less effort. You can also save your used or favorite templates to reuse them.

6. You can customize the website’s style

Elementor lets you customize all the modules available out there. And when you combine it with CoDesigner, this will take you to a whole new level by enabling you to customize every bit of your WooCommerce Store. You can change everything including product image holder size, gallery, style, shadow effect, hover color, font selection, and many more.

So, the resulting look of your newly made site will be 100% more authentic than other sites out there. You can build an eye-catching WooCommerce website just by using CoDesigner and Elementor.

7. Responsive on All Devices

If you want to grab as many visitors as possible then your site should be responsive to all devices. So that mobile and tab users don’t feel uncomfortable while they are on your site.

Elementor helps you to make your site responsive on all devices in no time. Also, you won’t have to put any effort into it. It can optimize every web page for all devices automatically.

8. Not Expensive

Elementor and CoDesigner both come with a free version and you can do a lot of tasks with that. If you need premium functionalities and customization options then you should update to the Pro version.

There are three pricing plans for Elementor – Starter, Professional, and business. On the other hand, CoDesigner also comes with three plans – Personal, Professional, and Agency. So that you can use any of them according to your needs.

These small investments can make your website completely different from other sites. Thus, making costs less than hiring a developer or buying luxurious themes.

Live editing

9. Live Editing

Many users want to create the exact design on their website but it was quite impossible a few years back. But Elementor made it possible for them. Elementor lets you customize every part of the website right from the front end. So, you won’t need to jump continuously from the backend to the frontend to see if everything is going as planned.

10. Dedicated Support

It doesn’t matter if you are a free or pro user, you will always get dedicated support from the support team. If you face any kind of problem while creating your website, just don’t hesitate and feel free to contact the support team as soon as possible.

The support team always waits to solve any bugs or issues you face. Just take a screenshot of the issue or reach out by describing it. They will get back to you as soon as they see them and help you by solving the issue. At times, you will also get to learn tricks to work faster and what to do if you face any similar issues. So, keep in touch!

Wrapping things up

I must say that your choice is the best because you have chosen the world’s greatest page builder to create your site. You have taken a perfect step to progress more in your business.

So, what are you waiting for! Try Elementor today and make more sales by adding CoDesigner to your sites. You will find it simple and have fun creating a WooCommerce store while using these plugins together.

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