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Comparison among 5 popular WooCommerce-Elementor Customizers

CoDesigner vs JetWooBuilder vs WooLentor vs ShopEngine vs Elementor Pro

WooCommerce and Elementor are undoubtedly the best tools for startups and businesses who want to have a world-class eCommerce website. These two tools are being used by millions of websites and gaining more users day by day.

The main reason for getting so much popularity is – both are really easy to use. Even without any coding knowledge, almost anyone can develop an eCommerce site using WooCommerce and Elementor.

Although these tools have the basic necessary features that are needed to make an eCommerce site, some users look for advanced options to take their website to a whole new level. That’s where the WooCommerce-Elementor Customizer addons come in.

Today I will compare the most popular WooCommerce-Elementor Customizer – CoDesigner, Jet WooBuilder, Woolentor, Elementor Pro, and Shop Engine. So that you can easily have a glimpse of the top WooCommerce-Elementor Customizers out there.

CoDesigner top WooCommerce-Elementor Customizer
CoDesigner Connecting Elementor with WooCommerce


CoDesigner (Formerly Woolementor) enhances the capability of Elementor to help you customize any page of WooCommerce including the cart, checkout, and single product pages. To use this WooCommerce-Elementor Customizer no coding skills are required. You can simply drag and drop the widgets of CoDesigner and edit them as you wish to create your own eCommerce website

Features and Widgets

This plugin can also be helpful in creating stunning WooCommerce shops, customer reviews, filters, related products, and pricing tables. CoDesigner ready templates can help you save time if you have the urge to quickly make a website. CoDesigner also offers support for all of its users and dedicated support for premium users.

CoDesigner offers 95 widgets that include –

  • 14 Shop widgets
  • 3 Filter widgets
  • 21 Single Product widgets
  • 5 Pricing Tables
  • 7 Related Products
  • 3 Image Gallery
  • 5 Cart widgets
  • 8 Checkout widgets
  • 9 Email Designer widgets
  • 20 more widgets for tabs, customer reviews, and more!

Almost all the widgets have customization options divided into 3 sections in the Elementor Editor – Content, Style, and Advanced Settings which helps the users to customize the widgets however they like.

It has both free and pro widgets for the flexibility of the users. You can also try their demo site to try all the widgets in real time.


CoDesigner comes with both yearly and lifetime pricing plans. The yearly plan of CoDesigner starts at $49.99, which is really affordable in terms of a plugin with 95 helpful widgets. The lifetime plans are also flexible and start at $149.99.


JetWooBuilder is a plugin created by Crocoblock that also extends the functionality of your Elementor-based WooCommerce website. This plugin has 66 widgets to design your eCommerce website.

Features and Widgets

JetWooBuilder widgets can help you build out product pages, individual listings, and more. Like CoDesigner, this plugin also allows you to design checkout, my account, thank you, and cart pages.

58 widgets of JetWooBuilder offers –

  • 14 Single product widgets
  • 10 Achieve card widgets
  • 4 Categories card widgets
  • 8 Shop page widgets
  • 5 Cart page widgets
  • 7 Checkout page widgets
  • 3 Thank You page widgets
  • 8 My Account page widgets


If you want to have the all-inclusive package that offers all the Jet Plugins – the price starts from $199 per year for 1 website. Otherwise, their widget costs around $22 each if purchased individually.


WooLentor is a WooCommerce customizer plugin created by HasThemes. This plugin is developed to build custom product pages and archive pages.

Features and Widgets

It offers 25 free features including – a basic WooCommerce template builder, product grid, product slider, product tab, action buttons, sale/discount schedule counter, enable/disable product gallery, etc.

On the other hand, this plugin has 14 premium features including – advanced rename label, single product template builder, archive page builder, cart page builder, checkout page builder, my account Page Builder, etc.

In total Woolentor offers 88 widgets and among them are 45 free widgets and 43 premium widgets.


The yearly pricing for a single site starts from $59 and the lifetime plan for a single site starts at $149.

Shop Engine

Shop Engine

Shop Engine is another WooCommerce-Elementor Customizer that can be used to create and customize the WooCommerce pages – single product, cart, checkout, archive, order, my account, and thank-you from scratch.

Shop Engine offers 46 widgets including –

  • 21 single product widgets,
  • 8 Archive widgets,
  • 5 cart widgets,
  • 7 Checkout widgets,
  • 5 General widgets, and
  • 4 other modules


The pricing of Shop Engine starts from $53 per year for a single site and $119 for a single site with a lifetime deal.

Elementor Pro

Elementor Pro

Elementor Pro is the pro version of the world’s most popular page builder. Although this plugin is mainly used to create website pages, they are also offering 22 interactive widgets to customize the WooCommerce components.

Features and Widgets

The WooCommerce customization widgets by Elementor Pro includes –

  • 17 single product widgets,
  • Menu cart,
  • Cart,
  • Checkout,
  • My account
  • Menu Cart

These widgets are handy when it comes to the basic customization of your WooCommerce store. On the other hand, CoDesigner and JetWoobuilder offer more advanced customization options.


Elementor Pro’s pricing plan starts from $49 per year for a single site.

Comparison Table of top WooCommerce-Elementor Customizer

Here’s a quick comparison chart between WooCommerce-Elementor Customizers – CoDesigner, JetWooBuilder, Woolentor, Elementor Pro, and Shop Engine

Key Points CoDesigner JetWooBuilder WooLentor Shop Engine Elementor Pro
Free widgets 40 0 37 46 0
Pro Widgets 43 24 38 20 22
Total Widgets 83 59 75 66 22
Yearly Plan Starts at $39 $130 $41 $53 $49
Lifetime Plan Start at $119.99 None $83 $119 None
Cart builder Free – option to hide columns, change column headings, set On Click conditions for thumbnails. You can show or hide all the buttons and change the text. Also, show empty cart notice – static texts or template. Premium Feature Premium Feature Free – Option to change the button text, hide continue, and clear all button Premium Feature. Only has the styling options
Checkout builder Premium FeatureFully customizable with the options to add new fields. Premium Feature Premium Feature Free – doesn’t have the option to add new fields and only has styling options Premium Feature. Only has the styling options
WooCommerce Email Designer Premium Feature – fully customizable widgets None None None None
My Account Builder Free Feature Premium Feature Premium Feature Premium Feature Premium Feature. Only has the styling options
Single Product Template Premium Feature Premium Feature Premium Feature Free Premium Feature
Free Shop Widgets Yes, with 4 eye-catching designs Premium Feature Premium Feature Yes, with 2 templates None
Sliding cart Available in Pro version None None None None
Menu cart Premium Feature None None None Premium Feature


After going through all the features, prices, WooCommerce customization options, and user flexibility of the plugins mentioned, we have a clear view that CoDesigner is ahead of the other plugins in many aspects. Also, they are bringing new innovative features with their major updates frequently. One of their most unique features is WooCommerce Email Designer. Codesigner Email Designer widgets help the user to completely change the looks of WooCommerce emails and replace the old ones. Also, the best thing about this plugin is that anyone with a basic knowledge of WordPress can create an eCommerce site with ease.

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