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Creating a blog with WordPress

Creating a blog with WordPress

Creating a blog with WordPress is the easiest comparing other platforms. Within an hour or maybe less than that, one can easily setup a blog from a scratch. To create a blog using WordPress, technical knowledge is not necessary or mandatory. Anyone, with or without technical knowledge can create a WordPress blog easily.

In this article, we’re going to learn how to create a WordPress blog with a few steps.

The steps are –

  • Buy domain
  • purchase hosting
  • install WordPress

that’s it!!! Now let’s get us started.

Buy domain for creating a blog with WordPress

Domain is actually a name or an URL or the address of your website. Like, we name our company as Codexpert, so we bought the domain ‘ ‘as our website URL. We use the ‘.io’ extension but there are other extension available like .com .net .me etc. You can choose whatever the name you want, whatever the extension you prefer unless the domain name is unavailable. That means, if someone already bought the same domain name, you can not use it. It always has to be unique.

So, you must choose a name for your blog a buy a domain according to your preferences. There are many popular companies that provides you the domain services like,,, etc.

Purchase hosting

Hosting means a space where your site is going to live. everything in your website, every word, every image, every piece of code is going to be stay in that place. So, you need to buy space for your website depending on your website size and category. Basically, the companies who gave you domain services, it is highly likely that they will also provide you hosting services. Most of the times, they come with a package.

Bluehost is a service provider who gives both domain and hosting service specially for WordPress user. They have specialized and customized web server for WordPress. It would increase the performance of a WordPress site. Bluehost is offering now a special package deal for any WordPress user which includes

  • Free domain name for 1 year
  • Free SSL certificate
  • 1-click WordPress install
  • 24/7 support

If you want the best for your WordPress blog and save your precious time, you should choose Bluehost without any hesitation. For creating a WordPress blog or any WordPress site, it is the deal of a lifetime.

Install WordPress

Now if you wisely chose bluehost, you are one step ahead of this step. After purchasing and connecting domain and hosting from bluehost, they will give some credentials to log into your web hosting control panel. This is where you will find the 1 click WordPress installer. Just click there and follow the steps for WordPress installation.

But if purchased your domain and hosting from other provider, the procedures are the same but you just need to download the WordPress CMS manually from Then again, upload it to your host control panel and then install it from there.

After installing WordPress in your engine, it will give you an admin name and password for your WordPress admin panel, from where you can manage your website from anywhere.

After login to your admin panel, you’ll see a page similar to this


You can feel a little frustrating to see this but don’t feel bad, the exciting world of WordPress is lying in front of you. Just need to change the appearance. To do that, you need to go to the dashboard and then appearance>themes. Thousands of free themes are ready for you. Choose one, and install it. Now it should look better.

For your first blog post, you need to select ‘Post’ from the above dashboard. Then click ‘add new’ and you’ll see a page like this-

Give it a title, start to write your first blog, and pour it with imagination. Then don’t forget it save it and publish it. You can add so many features and styles to the article/blog.

After that, there are some basic plugins you need to install. Some of them might cost a bit and some of them not. Like WPforms for creating any kind of form on your site, Yoast for SEO, MonsterInsight for analytics of your site, etc. Someday, when you will be a master of WordPress and you will have several WordPress sites, that day you might need our plugins “share logins” to access all your sites at once.

Wonder around. In time you’ll learn all.





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