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Easily design eye-catching WooCommerce shops with CoDesigner – 2023

WooCommerce shop is an amazing online asset to start an online business. WooCommerce based shops for setting up an online store can make the process easy for you. WooCommerce is a very powerful and effective marketing tool that can surely take your business to the next level. Creating a website with an online shop has become very easy these days, all credit goes to the availability of custom-built WordPress.

You can easily create your dream shop with the help of page builders, especially with the most popular page builder Elementor! With the help of the Elementor and WooCommerce plugins, you can sell almost anything online. With the help of CoDesigner, you can convert your plain website or portfolio into an online shop.

Why choose CoDesigner to craft the best shop for you!

WooCommerce integrated websites have an intuitive user interface that you can utilize in managing and showcasing digital and variable products. It has great features that help you monitor performance and evaluate the progress of your online business. It’s a dynamic and extensive eCommerce plugin that makes it possible for you to sell anything on your website without touching a line of code. CoDesigner makes it more powerful by giving you the power to change every part of your shop according to your taste. If you wish to integrate a professional look into your eCommerce site then you may rely on CoDesigner to get to job done for you.

When it comes to designing an eCommerce shop, users often get frustrated because of the limited options within WordPress. Also, there is rarely any good plugin that comes with various preloaded shop designs. But no worries! CoDesigner is here to help you out.

WooCommerce Shop Widget By CoDesigner

Shop Styles CoDesigner has to offer

You can design your shop beautifully with 4 shop designs by CoDesigner for Free!!!
Choose any design from the most popular designs like Shop Classic, Shop Standard, Shop Curvy, and Shop Slider.

Also, you can try 5 different premium shop styles within our Pro plan. We have some exceptional premium shop styles like Shop Flip, Shop Trendy, Shop Curvy Horizontal, Shop Accordion, and Shop Table.

Customization Options

With CoDesigner you will have the following customization portions:

  • Change column layouts
  • Choose your preferred content alignment
  • Add product query
  • Set the product number that needs to be shown per page
  • Set the product category
  • Include and exclude products
  • Set product order (ascending or descending)
  • Set product order according to – ID, title, name, range, product price top seller, most reviewed, and top-rated.
  • Choose your favorite Product image.
  • Add eye-catching Sale Ribbons
  • Add Wishlist and Pagination.

Here’s a demonstration video of Shop Classic customization options.

Steps to create a shop archive page

You can follow the steps below to create and design a custom shop archive page using CoDesigner shop widgets:

1. Navigate to the WordPress admin dashboard and click the Templates section from the menu.


2. Go to Saved Templates, select WL Product Archive, and add a new template. Now give a name to your new WCD Product Archive, click Create Template and you will be redirected to Elementor editor.

New Shop Archive

3.  Add a shop widget to the new product archive page and do customization of your new shop page any way you like.

Add a shop widget

4. If you wish to let the WCD Product Archive template appear as your default shop page, select “Shop Only” in the template condition as shown in the screenshot below.

Select Shop Only

You can check out all these options yourself at the Demo site and install the plugin from the official site.

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