Handy Addons

Why Handy Addons?

Handy Addons is a bundle of modules that can help build and manage a WooCommerce store in the easiest way possible. You will have access to 6 essential modules and more are coming soon!

Checkout Fields editor

You can add unlimited fields in the Shipping, Billing, and Order section. These new fields can be customized by changing the Label, giving custom ID, setting the field type as text, checkbox, password, type number, email, etc.

Also, you can display the new fields on different positions on the thank you page, email, and on the admin order management.

Handy Addons

PDF invoice Generator

This module allows you to send invoices for various order states, send email with order, select paper size, change the date format, and allow the customer to download invoices and more!

Order Bumps

Order Bumps can drive more sales to your WooCommerce store. Offer a custom order threshold to your customer that will lead them to exciting discounts. You can enable the order bumps as fixed, percent or based on product amount. Also, you can make it appear depending on cart total, product count or category basis and set various conditions for it.

Order Filters

The default WooCommerce order management doesn’t have many filtering options. With Handy Addons you will get more filtering options on the admin order management dashboard including – filter by Categories, Product Types, Products, Product Attributes, and Order Date.

Product Brands

WooCommerce doesn’t have the option to set brand name for your products. But now you can set brand names for your products using Handy Addons. You can add multiple brands to your store, assign products to specific brands, display it on the product page, archive page, show brands on the product table, allow rest API and more!

Shop Templates

Create shop pages instantly using the Handy Addons Shop Template module. This plugin has many cool pre-made designs for you to choose from. Also, you can style the templates, set custom query, and set custom display.

Handy Addons is a bundle of modules that can help build and manage a WooCommerce store in the easiest way possible.

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