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Here’s why CoDesigner is better and smarter than other Elementor addons


Elementor page builder is one of the most feature-rich page builder plugins that you’ll find. If you want to unlock even more design potential, there are a ton of great third-party Elementor add-ons out there that will open the path to more functionalities.

Most of those add-ons give you a variety of new Elementor widgets to use in your designs. But some add-ons also add new functionality or new design options for existing widgets. CoDesigner offers both, 47+ widgets with extensive customization options and eye-catching block designs.

In this post, we are going to share some facts that make CoDesigner better and smarter than other Elementor add-ons.

Lightweight Code

To ensure our plugin works with Elementor with blazing fast speed, we take measures at the code level. We make sure that the code is compressed to the bare minimum.

Clean Code

Apart from making the code lightweight, we ensure to keep it clean and readable so that you or your developer won’t face any issues while diving in and troubleshooting.

Highly customizable

CoDesigner lets you customize every part of your WooCommerce site. You can change everything starting from style, shadow effect, hover color, font selection, product image holder size, gallery, and many more.

Fully responsive CoDesigner

Fully responsive

It helps you to make your site responsive on all devices without giving any extra effort. Also, it can optimize every web page for all devices automatically.

SEO Friendly

Clean code also ensures that there are no barriers for search engines to crawl your website. We also developed CoDesigner keeping the latest search engine guidelines in mind.

Optimized to reduce conflict with other Plugins

CoDesigner is optimized for fast loading, more pageviews, a lower bounce rate, and higher revenue. We put years of experience and endless thought into CoDesigner to ensure maximum performance.

User Friendly

Our professional designers work round the clock to make sure your users feel right at home when they see your website. Also, designed sets of pre-built blocks so that you create your website with minimal effort.

Easy to set up

You won’t face any hassle while setting up CoDesigner. It’s just like installing all other plugins. You will need to make sure that Elementor is installed and that’s it!


Developer friendly


Developer friendly

You won’t need to know how to code to use CoDesigner. But if you are still required to do extensive changes in the widgets then you can ask your developer. We can assure you that their tasks won’t be much difficult cause CoDesigner is well-commented. It will enable the developer to easily dive in and make changes as you want.

Doesn’t increase server load

The efficiently written codebase does not require high server resources in order to function properly. Also, will not require high server resources in order to function properly under instances of high traffic.

Stats worth mentioning

Here are some statistics of CoDesigner according to wphive:

  • CoDesigner has minimal impact on memory usage
  • Has minimal impact on page speed
  • There is no PHP errors, warning, and notices
  • No Javascript issues found to date
  • Compatible with the latest PHP 7.2.16
  • Compatible with the latest WordPress 5.4
  • Optimized database footprint
  • No activation errors
  • No resource errors
  • It is frequently updated
  • Average memory usage is 21.44 KB, which is less than 99% of plugins out there.
  • The average page loading time is increased by only 0.01s. That is why it is considered faster than 99% of WordPress plugins.

So, what are you waiting for! Try this lightweight plugin today to create super-fast web pages with 80+ fabulous widgets of CoDesigner!

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