How To Customize Cart Page in WooCommerce With Elementor

WooCommerce Cart Page Customization

The cart page is the customer’s final destination and the last straw to gain or lose a customer.

WooCommerce cart page customization has incredible benefits. Cart page customization will open the door to a new level of customer satisfaction. This will help to close the deal instantly for the customer. It is not easy to find the perfect way to customize a WooCommerce cart page, but we will find it today here. With our incredible suggestions, you will be able to customize your cart page like a pro and attract even more customers.

After completing this blog, you will unlock the ultimate way to customize a fantastic WooCommerce cart page in no time. So let’s dive in


Ways To Customize WooCommerce Cart Page


Generally, you can use HTML or CSS to customize a cart page, but that comes with risks and difficulties, especially if you don’t have a technical background. If you are trying to edit WooCommerce cart pages with zero coding knowledge, you will end up having several problems on your website.  Also, editing WooCommerce cart pages with coding can create bugs, which are time-consuming to fix and most of the time may not look and feel as you expected.


Without Coding (Drag & Drop Builder)

There are a lot of plugins available for WooCommerce customization. Among those, Elementor is undoubtedly the best one. However, Elementor has some limitations when you are trying to customize individual pages. And in that situation, an Elementor WooCommerce addon is the best solution. 


Elementor has a cart page editor that you can use with the paid version. However, add-ons like CoDesigner have free versions that can be used to customize WooCommerce cart pages. With the easy step-by-step process, you will be able to customize your WooCommerce cart pages and convert your visitors into customers better.

Customize WooCommerce Cart Page With Elementor:  Step-by-Step Guide

CoDesigner is the best option for customizing the cart page in WooCommerce with Elementor. With 10,000+ active installations and 95+ widgets, CoDesigner lets you customize every bit of the WooCommerce cart page. The flexibility and user-friendliness of WoCommerce are perfect for all types of users.  Now let’s jump to the step-by-step process:


Step 1: Install CoDesigner

After you have installed Elementor, you need to install CoDesigner to start the customization. Go to your WordPress dashboard and head over to the ‘Add New Plugin’. Now search for CoDesigner. There you will find the plugin, so hit install now. After installation, proceed to the next step.


Step 02: Assigning a New Cart Page

From your dashboard, create a new page and name it as per your choice.

Then, to start with the cart page design, you need to replace the default WoCommerce cart page with the new page that you created, which we will customize later on.

In Summary,

WordPress Dashboard > WoCommerce > Settings > Advanced Tab > Cart Page


Afterward, head over to the WooCommerce settings page and set the new page as your default cart page from the drop-down list. 


Step 03: Activate Cart Widget


At this stage, you have to activate the CoDesigne cart widgets, which is super easy to do. Head over to the widget section of the CoDesigner and scroll down to find ‘Cart’ items. Enable the free cart widgets or buy the pro version if you like more advanced features. Then proceed to the next stage.


Step 4: Start Editing

Now head over to the pre-created cart page and open it by hitting the edit button. Click on the ‘Edit with Elementor’ button.


Here, at first, search for the cart item widgets by CoDesigner on the search bar. When found, simply drag and drop the widget into the new section.


To have a managed and organized WooCommerce cart page, first, you need to search for the cart item widget. When found, drag and drop it into a section, as shown below.


After you have added the cart items, you need a cart overview item that can be easily found in the search bar.


Search for cart overview items in the search bar, and drag and drop in another new section as you did with the previous one.


Step 05: Content Customization


After adding your desired sections, start customizing their appearance as per your choice. From here, you can turn on or off specific columns of your cart item box. 


This amazing widget lets you change the headings of your column too; so you would not have to be stuck with the default headers if you do not like them.



There are options to change the entire button section, where you can activate or deactivate certain buttons and change the texts when needed.



With both the cart items and cart items classic widget, you will be able to include an ‘empty cart notice’. That eventually comes in really handy for customers. To add the empty cart notice,  enable it from the drop-down button.  You can either select static texts or templates, or simply choose to show nothing.



With the cart classic item, you get a little extra. Here you can show or hide the coupon area and change the text of the button and placeholder.


Step 6: Styling Cart Page


With CoDesigner, you will be able to style the WooCommerce cart page and give it a unique look that matches your vision and theme for your eCommerce store. For that, all you need to do is click on the ‘Styling’ tab on the left top and start editing them.


From here, you can customize various options like Background Type, Border Type, Shadow, Margin, Headings, Images, Various buttons, and many more things. 



Step 7: Remember to Save All the Changes

After you have finished all your edits and changes, you need to hit save the draft to make sure all your hard work is saved. After that, you can simply hit publish to make the page appear on your website. After you have published the page, you are done with cart page edits. 


Final Words

Customizing a WooCommerce cart page might seem like an intimidating task. But it gets super easy with the use of the appropriate tool. CoDesigner makes it super easy to create a cart page that is both visually appealing and conversion-focused.


With the use of this user-friendly widget, you can customize your WooCommerce cart page following the steps mentioned. Install the free version of CoDesigner today and switch to the premium version for an improved experience of designing a WooCommerce store with Elementor. 


Please feel free to ask any queries related to editing your WooCommerce cart page with Elementor in the comment section. And I will get back to you soon!

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