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Restrict Elementor
Widgets, Columns & Sections

Restrict Elementor Widgets is an Elementor add-on that helps you hide your Elementor widgets or sections based on different conditions. It works beautifully with any widgets from any plugins.

Different Visibility Rules

logged in user

A widget, column or section can be shown to the logged in users only. Any visitors who are not logged in, cannot see this.


logged Out user

A widget, column or section can be hidden from the loggen in users and visible to those who are not logged in.


Users from specific roles

You can create a content that you want to showcase to specific user roles. Other users won’t see this.


Users with specific iD's

Some user ID’s can be specified as well. You just to need to input some coma-separated user ID’s who can see the content.


For a given date/time period

Want to display a widget in the morning? Or maybe on Sunday and Wednesday only or on the first day of the month? You can do this.


Based on the query strings added to the URL

Sometimes you may need to show some content to the visitors who come from an affiliate? How would you do this? Use this plugin and get the problem resolved.


Display An Alternate Content

show text message

You can set a custom text to be displayed when a content is rescricted and the visitor is not allowed to access it. With the native text editor, you can decide how you want the text to look.

no message

Show a section template

Alternatively, a custom template can be used. You just need to create a Section template from the Elementor -> Templates section.


Show nothing

It allows you to completely hide your content and not to show an alternate text or template.


Core Included

$49.99 /y
$99.99 /y
$199.99 /y

14 Days Money Back Guarantee

What’s included

1-year extension updates

1-year support


WooCommerce Version 3.9

WooCommerce Version 3.9

PHP Version 7.1

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