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Easy methods to roll back to an older version of CoDesigner and CoDesigner Pro

WordPress users always think about how to roll back to a previous version of a certain plugin or theme every time they face an issue or the author removes any feature in the new update. The issue can be either directly from the plugin or because of conflict from another plugin or theme installed on the website.

Usually, there are 2 methods to do this.

  1. Using a plugin
  2. Download and install an older version manually

Also, you can apply the second method for any other plugin. All you need to do is get the plugin or theme file from the author or WordPress repository.

In this article, you will learn how to roll back to an older version of CoDesigner and CoDesigner pro using the methods mentioned above.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the methods.


Methods to Rollback CoDesigner

1. Using a plugin

There are many plugins in the WordPress repository to roll back to the previous version.
One of the most popular is WP Rollback. This helps you to roll back any theme or plugin easily from the WordPress repository. You can quickly roll back to any previous or newer version automatically in simple steps. This plugin basically is like the plugin updater, except it has the ability to roll back and forward to a specific version.

Steps of using WP Rollback to restore an older version of CoDesigner –

  • Go to the Plugins tab from the WordPress Dashboard


Install WP Rollback
Add new plugin from the WordPress Dashboard


  • Search and install WP Rollback from the plugin repository


WP Rollback
Search for WP Rollback from the WordPress repository.


  • Activate the plugin and go to your plugin list. Here, you will see an additional Rollback button next to Deactivate button.



  • If you click the Rollback button, the list of all versions since the release of the plugin on the WordPress repository will appear.


WP rollback versions


  • From this list, you will also see the changelog by the author on all the versions. All you need to do is click the hovering changelog button.


View change log


  • After making sure which version you really want, select the version and click Rollback at the bottom.


Select the rollback version of CoDesigner


  • After clicking the Rollback button, a confirmation screen will appear. Hit the Rollback again if you are sure this is the version you want.


Rollback confirmation


  • The plugin should roll back instantly. Now click the activate button to enable the plugin.



2. Download and install an older version manually

This method is applicable for both free and premium versions of CoDesigner and all other plugins.

  • To download the free plugin, you need to go to the plugin page on For the free plugins that aren’t available on, you need to visit their website.


CoDesigner on WordPress Respiratory
Search for CoDesigner and click the link that redirects to the WordPress repository
CoDesigner on
Go to CoDesigner plugin page on


  • Click the Advanced View as shown in the screenshot below.


Click Advanced View
Click the Advanced View button


  • Scroll down at the very bottom of the page. Here you will find an option to search and download all previous versions.


Previous version
Download the previous version of CoDesigner


  • After downloading it, upload the zip file to your site and install the plugin.


Upload and install the plugin
Upload and install the plugin


Please note that WP Rollback only works only with the plugins that are hosted on the WordPress repository. It will work for the free version of CoDesigner but not for the premium version of CoDesigner. To Rollback to a previous version of the premium plugin please contact us. We will be happy to help you.



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