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Sync Users & Logins
Between Multiple Sites

Are you managing multiple WordPress sites and seeking to synchronize user activities? For example, imagine a scenario where a user logs in to one of your WordPress websites, do you desire a seamless experience where they are automatically logged in to all other associated WordPress websites as well?

Here’s where we step in! Share Logins is the long-awaited plugin you’ve been searching for!

User Activity

Share Logins can automatically sync various user activities across multiple sites. The synchronizations include user login, logout, updating profile, password reset, creating new users, and deleting users. 


When a user logs in to a site, Share Logins will automatically log them into other sites! They won’t be asked to type in the email and password again!

Update Profile

When a user profile is updated on a site, the changes made will reflect on other WordPress sites connected using Share Logins!


When a user logs out from a site, Share Logins will automatically log them out from other connected websites!

Password reset

When a user’s password is updated on a WordPress website, their password will be updated on other connected sites with the help of Share Logins!

Create User

When a user account is created on a WordPress website, Share Logins will create the same account on other connected sites as well!

Delete User

When a user account is deleted from a WordPress site, Share Logins will delete their account from other sites too!

Why Share Logins

It’s a unique and lightweight plugin that has the functionalities desired by every multisite owner.

One of its kind

You won’t find any similar plugins that can help you
achieve this.


No Coding Required

Just plug and play. No technical skills are required to use Share Logins


Easiest Setup

Very intuitive and easy setup
and configuration to share logins for websites.


Multisite Compatible

Works seamlessly with WordPress multisite installations.


Others Features


You can validate if your remote sites are successfully
connected and properly configured with a single click on Share Logins.

Secure Transaction

Your keys on Share Logins are secure and encrypted while being transacted across your sites. So, no fear of security breaches anymore.

User Migration

Do you currently have users on your sites? No need to worry! You can easily export them from one site and import them into others with the help of Share Logins.

In-page Help

Get assistance directly from the settings dashboard, where you’ll find all the helpful documentation for Share Logins. The docs are regularly updated with all the latest information.


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