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Automatically Share Your WordPress Posts On Social Media

Share your WordPress posts on social Media


It’s very difficult to attract and retain a following without a complementary social media presence. Of course, this adds cost in taking up extra time to make the relevant posts, and it’s also easy to simply forget to update social media accounts. The plugins listed below streamline and automate this process while also adding a number of cool and useful features, and anyone with a WordPress website or blog should definitely consider trying one of them.

Share Your WordPress Posts On Social Media

1. Revive Old Post

If you’ve been blogging for some time, you undoubtedly have a lot of older “evergreen” content that can potentially require little to no alteration to get it in front of a new audience to whom it would still be relevant. Searching through your archives can be time-consuming, however. Revive Old Post Pro helps to automate the process, of automatically sharing old posts to your various social network accounts.

The base version is free. There are three paid upgrades available for this plugin. The “personal” upgrade is usable with one site or blog and adds the ability to filter by category, shorten URLs automatically, and generate hashtags based on tags. The “business” upgrade further adds the ability to schedule posts in advance and grants a license for three different sites. The “marketer” package allows unlimited use across as many sites as you want.

It is a great plugin and comes with features other plugins do not have but it will cost you more.

2. AccessPress Social AutoPost

This plugin does not have a free version and requires a one-time payment to obtain, but it also allows the user to link up with an unlimited amount of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Linkedin accounts. Other social media account types are not supported, but the one-time fee.

3. CoSchedule

This plugin helps you synchronize your blog posts with social media messages. It provides a calendar where you can pick the optimum days and hours to schedule your posts and shares. The calendar can be easily customized through color coding and drag-and-drop options.

CoSchedule offers lots of social media networks where you can share your posts: Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Buffer, Tumblr, and Pinterest. They also give you access to detailed analytics reports of all your social media profiles.

4. Jetpack’s “Publicize” Feature

Regardless if you run a niche blog or an e-commerce store, the Jetpack plugin will definitely benefit your WordPress site. It can help you with content creation, security, site analytics, and SEO.

Jetpack includes the “Publicize” feature, which automates sharing to social media networks. To access this, go to Jetpack > Settings > Sharing.

5. NextScripts

A free plugin that comes with lots of social media network integrations. It lets you share both new and old posts by automatically re-publishing them on your channels. It also auto-imports comments and mentions from social media as WordPress comments.

You can choose what stuff to publish, what not to publish, and when to publish. Set these options in a few clicks, and NextScripts will do the rest for you. If you want specific hours and days, you can also schedule or delay your posts.

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