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10 tips to increase your sales by optimizing the checkout process

Optimize Checkout Process

Ever thought about why your online store has a high checkout abandonment rate? It’s most probably because the checkout process is not properly optimized. This can cause a high number of checkout and cart abandonment. Checkout abandonment and cart abandonment are closely related. No matter how good your products are, you won’t see much business growth if your online store checkout page is not optimized.

If you are a WooCommerce store owner then you have already felt what it’s like to be stuck with a years-old checkout page design. It’s undoubtedly one of the best eCommerce platforms. Although the default WooCommerce checkout page design is very obsolete in the modern eCommerce industry. Keeping this default WooCommerce checkout design can highly affect your online business. Also, your customers might think that you don’t put much effort into your business. Thus, the quality of your products and services is questioned too.

Always remember that the customers’ time is as valuable as yours. So you should optimize the checkout process in a way that will save everyone’s time. In this article, I will share 10 tips to optimize your checkout process that will contribute to increasing the sales of your online store. But first, you need to know about checkout abandonment and why checkout optimization matters.


What is checkout abandonment?


When customers add items to the cart but leave the payment process on the checkout page is called checkout abandonment. The ratio of checkout abandonment represents the lost revenue of your business. All your marketing, operational, and development costs go in vain when customers leave the without completing checkout. You should always emphasize reducing your checkout abandonment rate.


Checkout process


Why does checkout optimization matter?


Checkout optimization can highly reduce checkout abandonment if done properly. Your store sales are greatly dependent on it. unoptimized and poorly created checkout page often confuses visitors. Also, it can create trust issues among the visitors to your online business. Your online store might appear scammy and unprofessional at this point.

You need to focus on reducing your checkout abandonment rate for better outcomes for your efforts. Create a great customer experience and improve your conversion rate by optimizing the checkout process. Make the checkout page visibly appealing to reduce the cart and checkout abandon rate. Identify where your potential customers are leaving in the sales funnel. Understanding the reasons can help you optimize the checkout process even better and increase your sales. You can apply some easy and effective strategies in the checkout process. Let’s move on to the easy and effective tips to optimize the checkout process


10 tips to optimize the checkout process


Take advantage of the 10 tips below to increase the revenue of your online store by optimizing the checkout process.


  1. Get rid of unnecessary elements.
  2. Make everything responsive.
  3. Reduce checkout form fields.
  4. Add social sign-in options.
  5. Offer multiple payment and shipping options.
  6. Add delivery date field.
  7. Display trust and security badges.
  8. Offer guest checkout.
  9. Recommend relevant products.
  10. Show Thank You message.


1. Get rid of unnecessary elements


Unnecessary elements on the checkout page might distract the customers. Any kind of distraction can cause a loss of sales. That is why you should add any unnecessary elements on the checkout page. Get rid of unnecessary banners, notices, or any default design element that came with the theme.

The checkout process on your eCommerce store should be as simple as possible. Complicating the checkout process will make customers annoyed and eventually cause checkout abandonment. You need to optimize the checkout process in a way that will decrease the time to complete a successful purchase.


Make checkout page responsive
Checkout process optimization – make the checkout page responsive


2. Make everything responsive


Make everything responsive, especially mobile-friendly. Responsive websites are always eye-soothing for customers and visitors. Visitors browse your store from various devices including laptops, desktops, mobile devices, and tablets. Thus, you need to emphasize making your online store and especially the checkout page responsive on all devices to deliver a better user experience.

You can use the Mobile simulator – responsive testing tool on Chrome and Edge browsers. This tool is extremely easy to use. It can help you identify the responsive issues on your website. Also, you can check how your online store appears on various devices. You can then make necessary design changes accordingly.


3. Reduce checkout form fields


Reducing the checkout form fields can also increase your sales. If you using a premade theme or WooCommmerce default checkout then you probably have unnecessary form fields. You should only keep the fields you really need and remove the unnecessary fields. If you are using WooComemrce and Elementor for your online store then you can easily do using CoDesigner (formerly Woolementor). This plugin can help you change and customize every aspect of your WooCommerce store.

You won’t need to hire a developer for removing unnecessary fields and adding new fields on the checkout page. You can follow the steps in the post for adding and removing fields from the checkout page. Also, check out this post to fully customize your WooCommerce checkout page.


Optimize the checkout process by adding Social Sign In
Optimize the checkout process by adding Social Sign In


4. Add social sign-in options


Adding social sign-in options on the checkout page is a great way to make the checkout process easier. You can use Nextend Social Login and Register plugin for your WordPress website. This plugin enables the option for users to log in to your website using their Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social accounts.

You can also implement Google Auto-fill & Inline Validation for faster checkout. These methods reduce the sign-in and form-filling process for visitors. They won’t need to remember passwords and feel hesitant to fill out the form with personal information.


5. Offer multiple payment and shipping options


Offering multiple payment and shipping options on the checkout page is a wise decision for all types of online stores. By offering a variety of seamless payment options, you can attract a wider audience. Different demographics of shoppers prefer using different payment methods for purchasing online. If you are using WooCommerce then you will find a lot of free and premium plugins to integrate almost any payment solution.

Offering more payment options will also decrease the checkout abandonment rate. Your customers will be more interested to purchase goods from your store when they find convenient payment options. It’s also a great technique to build customers’ trust in your business.

Online stores with physical products should have many shipping solutions for making the delivery process easier. You can implement shopping solutions like free shipping, flat-rate shipping, and local pickup. Also, you can offer shipping via carriers like UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL Express, etc. This will definitely make your customers feel more comfortable shopping in your online store.


Ecommerce shipping date
Let customers select the shipping date


6. Add delivery date field


Adding a delivery date picker to the checkout page can help you manage the orders more efficiently. This will encourage the customers to choose a convenient time for receiving the goods. Also, the delivery person won’t need to reschedule repeatedly when you let the customers choose the delivery date.

By implementing a delivery date picker field you can also estimate how many future deliverable orders you have. Which will greatly help you to arrange the source and arrange the products. For WooCommerce-Elmentor store owners, CoDesigner can easily add a delivery date field without writing a single line of code.


7. Display trust and security badges


Displaying trust and security badges on the checkout page can make your online store appear more authentic. Which can increase your conversion rate too. You can place the trust and security badges right near the checkout button. With this shoppers will feel more secure providing their personal information during the checkout process.

The most popular trust badges are McAfee, Verisign, PayPal, Better Business Bureau, Norton, TRUSTe, Comodo, GeoTrust, etc. Most checkout abandonment happens when visitors don’t trust a website. You can easily overcome this issue by displaying these popular trust badges.

You should also consider subscribing to an SSL certificate. SSL certificates enable Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) and it displays the visitors that your site is secure to visit. This is also a part of Google’s ranking factor.


8. Offer guest checkout


If you still find that your conversion rate is too low although a high visitor ratio then you should try implementing guest checkout on your website. No matter how authentic and verified your website is, some visitors still don’t want to provide much personal information while shopping online. Visitors think it’s silly to create an account or log in to purchase small things.

Guest checkout allows visitors to make an online purchase without the need to create an account. It lets the users easily complete a transaction on your online store simply by entering their name, shipping, and billing details.


Codesigner Related products
CoDesigner (formerly Woolementor) related products widget


9. Recommend relevant products


Recommending related products is another great strategy to increase your sales. It can be implemented in all types of eCommerce stores. Displaying such customized recommendations can increase the order value.

You can apply methods to recommend products based on customer purchase history, new deals, top-rated products, best sellers, products frequently bought together, etc. WooCommerce users can display recommend products using CoDesigner (formerly Woolementor). Check this blog post to know how easily you can recommend related products to your customers.


10. Show Thank You message


Show Thank You message after every successful order to appreciate your customers. Most online stores miss opportunities because they don’t have a Thank You page or it’s barely noticeable. Appreciating your customer can create a loyal customer base. Which will eventually bring your recurring sales and revenue.

You can promote deals and guide your leads through educational content on the Thank You message. Your leads will have the opportunity to self-educate and look around after the product after being successfully converted. With CoDesigner you can design and customize the Thank You message to attract valuable customers.


Wrapping it up


With these 10 tips, you will be able to optimize the checkout process for making the shopping experience easier for your customers. These tips will also help you to cut down the cart and checkout abandonment rate and boost your revenue in the process.

Want to customize other aspects of your WooCommerce store? Go through the CoDesigner blog posts to supercharge your store and learn new strategies to grow your business. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any suggestions or questions in mind.

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