Top 5 million-dollar WordPress companies that might inspire you

You read the title, right? As a beginner, let’s pretend that you have already started practicing WordPress regularly with a dream of making some money out of it. It that’s the case, this article is going to blow your mind. In this article, I am going to tell you about some million-dollar company which is based only on WordPress. I hope that, this article will inspire you in your upcoming WordPress career.

Let us begin!

Top 5 million-dollar WordPress companies

WordPress Companies


to talk about million-dollar business based on WordPress, Automattic will always come first because, it is founded by Matt Mullenweg, the creator of WordPress CMS. Yes, you heard me right. Matt showed the world how to make million dollars from a platform which is absolutely free. This is really inspiring. Automattic is the parent company of along with other renowned WordPress products like WooCommerce, Gravatar, Jetpack etc.

Automattic’s monthly or yearly revenue couldn’t be mounted up but you can definitely imagine the range of their business by some statistics like –

Automattic has 932 developer which they call “Automattician”, in 70 countries with 88 languages. has 155 million unique viewers per month

Automattic raised 317.3 million US dollar in five funding rounds.

Considering the expertise, products, influence of the company, no other companies can come near Automattic in this WordPress world.


WPEngine is one of the most successful company after Automattic. WPEngine is a hosting company only customized for WordPress which means, their servers are specially customized for WordPress sites only. It was founded in 2010, USA. In January 2019, WPEngine officially declared their annual recurring revenue of $132 million with 90,000 happy customers served globally.

Awesome Motive

you may not know them by name, but you definitely heard about their products, tools or services like gravity forums, optinMonster, MonsterInsights and WPbeginner. Yes, Awesome Motive is the parent site of WPbeginner which is famous for the free WordPress tutorials.

Awesome Motive was founded by a Pakistani American entrepreneur Syed Moiz Balkhi.

Though their yearly revenue data couldn’t be found but over 8 million websites uses their product to grow their business. Just imagine!

Theme fusion

theme fusion company sales only one theme “Avada” which is called the #1 selling WordPress theme of all time and it has been in the top position for 5 years, consistently. According to their website, Avada theme is bought and used by 500,000+ customers. The regular price of an Avada theme is $60. Now, multiply $60 with 500,000; you’ll get the numbers.


Yoast or Yoast SEO plugins is the #1 SEO plugins for WordPress. Yoast has over 5 million active installations. Yoast have every kind of SEO plugin other than Yoast SEO like video SEO plugin, Local SEO plugin, News SEO plugin, WooCommerce SEO plugin. Yoast is Netherland based company founded in 2010 by Joost de Valk. They had 100 employees in 2018.

That’s all for now, there are so many successful companies who made their fortune by WordPress. Try your best. May be one day, I’ll write an article on you and your company.

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