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Currently, WordPress is playing a very important role in web development worldwide. And we all know that we have to use some plugins to increase the workload of WordPress development and to accomplish tasks in general. A plugin is a software containing some functions that can be added to a WordPress website. WordPress plugins are written in PHP programming languages ​​and it is integrated into WordPress. The functionality of the WordPress website can be expanded or added to the new features through this plugin. Premium versions or free versions of the plugins provide limited functionality.



Below are the 5 top plugins discussed:


  • Sucuri Security: 
    Sucuri Security is the leading and powerful WordPress plugin for website security. This software is known as the website’s security suite, through which your website will be secure. It is basically installed to protect the website from various malware and hacks. Sucuri Security Plugin has both versions of a free and paid version. This includes security notifications, file integrity monitoring, security rigidity, and blacklist monitoring features.

Features of Succeeding Safety:
a. Faster services are available very quickly and an email form.
b. If you have something wrong on your website you will receive instant notifications.
c. If you do not want to make any payments in it, you will get valuable tools for blacklist monitoring, malware scanning, file integrity monitoring, and protection power.

  • iThemes Security: 
    IThemes Security, which gives more than 30 features to prevent hacks and unwanted intruders, protects your website and makes the website more effective. This WordPress Security Plugin is one of the various security guides on the website. It provides a strong focus on detecting unexplained software and weak passwords. These features are basically linked to its paid version but some basic security features are included in the free version. The primary features of the pro version include strong passwords, poor users lockout, database backup, and two-factor authentication.

Features of iThemes Security:
a. It protects your login using Google reCAPTCHA integration.
b. The plugin compares the core code of WordPress to the current version of WordPress and helps to understand whether files contain any corrupted files.
c. When you do not update your site and want to fully lock your WordPress
dashboard from all users, you can set the plugin’s “OWA mode”.
d. Enables strong passwords.


  • Wordfence Security: 
    Wordfence Security is one of the most popular WordPress security plugins and effective. It adds strong protection tools, such as powerful login protection features and security event recovery tools. One of the main advantages of Wordfence is that you can catch the overall traffic and hack malware. A premium version of this site is sold for about $ 99 a year. Plugin makers make it costly for developers that offer discounts on signing up for multiple site keys.

Features of WordFence Security:
a. The free version is powerful enough for small websites.
b. Closes malware, real-time threats and spam by scanning the plugins.
c. Access to some unique tools to sign in with cell phone and password auditing.


  • All In One WP Security & Firewall:
    It is the most well-known among the most feature-packed and free security plugins. All Input One Wi-Fi Security and Firewalls provide a simple interface and good customer support without having a premium plan. This is a very visual security plugin, which explains what it needs to do to strengthen to your site with the graph and meter in it. Its features are divided into three sections: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. So you can take advantage of this plugin for any level of development. This plugin protects user accounts, blocks strong attempts in your login and improves user registration security. Database and file security are packaged in this plugin.

Features of All In One WP Security & Firewall:
a. This plugin of WordPress has a blacklist tool where you can set specific requirements to block unnecessary users.
b. This security backup can backup .htaccess and .wp-config files and they also have some recovery if they make mistakes.
c. A graph shows how strong your website is, where points are set in certain areas of your site.


  • Jetpack: 
    Most of the WordPress users are familiar with JetPack. This plugin has many features. Jetpack plays an active role in strengthening social media, site speed, and spamming protection. Some of the protection tools included in the paid version are included with this plugin, for which the paid version is known to users as an interesting plugin. Its security module is free and it does prevent any activity from being suspicious. Bright Force attacks are done through the attack and whitelisting and basic security, Jetpack.

Features of Jetpack:
a. The free version of it can be safe and secure for a small website. Then you can upgrade its premium versions and get the best plugins in it.
b. With premium plans, you can get benefits like backup, spam protection and security scanning for your site.
c. Plugin updates are fully managed through Jetpack. So there is a lot of benefits to updating.


With the above-mentioned plugins, you can keep your websites safe. With detailed discussion of security plugins, you can get the necessary ideas about plugins. We have mentioned these based on the user and our experience.

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