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WordPress VS Laravel – When To Use Them?

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WordPress was originally created with the goal of creating a Content Management System (CMA) website. Laravel, on the other hand, is a PHP framework used to create web applications and different types of websites.
A client is asking you to write a blog to create a blog website. In this case, you must choose WordPress, between Laravel and WordPress. Because WordPress is so much more effective for you on this website.


To discuss WordPress and Laravel you should first review their expertise.

WordPress: It is a free open-source CMS based on PHP and MySQL. It was made in 2003 by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. Currently, more than 60 million websites have been created by WordPress. That is, 35% of all websites in the world use WordPress as the most popular CMS in the world. WordPress is powered by a theme-based system and offers more than 55,000 plugins. You can customize these themes and use them to create a website.

Laravel: Laravel is a free open-source PHP framework that Taylor Ottwell built. It is designed to tackle complex tasks more easily and its main purpose is to develop web applications. It works based on the PHP component. Developers around the world mostly agree that Taylor Ottwell made Laravel great. It was first introduced in 2011. Since then, Laravel has had a lot of success with developers. The latest version of the framework is Laravel 5 – the best-rated PHP framework on GitHub.




Both WordPress and Laravel have some things in mind when creating websites. Its functionality, how useful it is, how much users are able to understand it, and the ability to maintain it. These issues are targeted at both WordPress and Laravel. They are also much easier to use and manage.

On the other hand, WordPress is called a system and Laravel is a framework. WordPress is a pre-built system. But you can customize it to suit your own or your client’s needs. Its various plugins will help you to be richer and better managed using different purposes.

Laravel offers different features. Basically, the website provides features for various tasks during the development process, such as verification, data management, authentication, and more.


♦Its Search-engine structure available
♦Integrated link management
♦The post has the ability to define multiple categories
♦Automatic filtering for formatting and styling in posts.
♦It includes both the Visual Editor and the HTML-based text editor.
♦There are customizable features including plugins used
♦Easy integration of third-party services
♦There are large supporting communities around the world


♦It is a developer-friendly framework and it is supported by additional documentation
♦Applicable authentication systems are supported
♦The simple authorization process for all web apps
♦Tasks are easily manageable automatically
♦There is continuity in database migration.
♦Apps can be developed quickly and painlessly.
♦Customizable features are available.
♦Easy the integration of third-party services
♦There are large supporting communities around the world




If you want to build a blog website and need it quickly, we believe you should go with WordPress. WordPress can deal well with many contents. As a result, even if the website owner does not have strong technical skills, managing its posts through WordPress is much easier. Also, if you want to implement a website in the form of an SEO system package, you can use its specific plugin for WordPress. One of the important benefits of WordPress is that it is a search engine-friendly platform. WordPress works similarly to other content-based websites, such as various media portals, online portfolios, single-page websites, and various web platforms.




If you want to work with a web application, you can choose Laravel. This is because Laravel’s main purpose is to ease the complex problems of web applications for a developer. If you want to develop large-scale data management applications or similar projects, Laravel can easily provide a good solution for these. All these web applications can be done using WordPress, but Laravel can handle a large number of projects. But recently WordPress released the first plugin for progressive web applications called PWA. The use of PWA has been increasing in all areas lately. On the other hand, Laravel has several applications for content management. For example, PyroCMS, Statamic, OctoberCMS, and Quarx are notable.

All in all, you can use WordPress if you want to develop a lightweight and medium-weight web application. For heavier weights and larger projects, you may want to consider choosing Laravel.



Most of the time we recommend WordPress for online shops. Since WordPress, there is a widely popular plugin called WooCommerce that was created specifically for creating online stores. You can check it out. It is a free open-source plugin for WordPress and has over 600 customizable themes. WooCommerce offers responsive websites, an unlimited number of products, special offers and coupon creation, integrated payment solutions, sales reports, and more.

However, If you want to create a great online shop, for example, you want to create a shop with over 10,000 products. In that case, you may want to consider Laravel only for the complexity of this site.


Finally, for each new project, you need to consider what kind of website you need, for whom, and with what goals you want to create it. With these things in mind, you have to work with anyone. We hope that all of the above information will make your choice easier.


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