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Best WooCommerce Affiliate Marketing Plugin to Grow Your Business

WC Affiliate is the most feature-rich yet affordable WooCommerce affiliate marketing plugin that enables a full-fledged affiliate program.

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The Most Feature-Rich WooCommerce Affiliate Plugin

Accurate Tracking, Customizable, Easy-to-Use

Customer Discounts

Give customers discounts whenever they purchase from your referred affiliate link! Customers are more likely to purchase from affiliate links than manually visiting the store.

Referral Tracker

Set the cookie validity period to any length to track your referred visitors precisely and help your affiliate partners feel confident. You can also overwrite a previously referred visit with a new one anytime!

Multi-Level Commissions

Add as many affiliates as you want at every level and upgrade your affiliate strategy with Multi-Level Marketing. You can divide commissions as percentages or as fixed amounts at each stage.

Custom Short links

Create easy-to-remember short URLs for your affiliates and customers with WC Affiliate’s built-in URL shortener. No need for third-party services!

Advanced Report

Get detailed reports including in-depth information on visits, affiliates, referrals, transactions, and more in minutes! Reports can be exported in CSV format as well.

Email Notifier

WC Affiliate’s email notifier lets you inform your users about their affiliate application status, account approval, payout request, and more.

A Simplified Process to Boost Your Affiliate Sales

WC Affiliate is packed with features that enable you to customize your affiliate program as per your business requirements so you can truly reap the benefits of it.


Affiliates Sign up and get tracking IDS


They promote your products and generate sales


You pay a commission to the affiliate partners

Maximize Profits With Our WooCommerce Affiliate Plugin

Set up full-fledge affiliate program for business growth.

Offer Discounts & Bonuses

Enable Discount

Offer discounts with a fixed amount or percentage to encourage purchases.

Enable Sign Up Bonus

Reward new affiliates with a fixed bonus amount upon successful sign up.

Enable Sign Up Referral Bonus

Provide a bonus amount to affiliates for referring new sign-ups.

Enable Click Bonus

Reward affiliates with a bonus for generating clicks to your site.

Recurring Order

Enable bonuses for affiliates on recurring orders to encourage long-term promotion.

Customize Commissions

Commission Base

Define your commission structure based on the payable amount or the product price.

Commission Amount

Choose between a fixed amount or a percentage for affiliate commissions.

Manage Your Referrals

Referral Statuses

Track referral commissions with statuses like Pending Payment, Processing, and Completed.

Cookie Expiry

Set the duration for how long the affiliate cookie remains active to credit referrals.

Self Referral

Allow affiliates to earn commissions on their own purchases.

Advanced Features

Referral Key

Create a unique key to use in affiliate URLs to improve link tracking and management.

Token Type

Customize the affiliate identifier and select any from email, ID, slug, or log-in.

Cookie Name

Define the cookie key name to identify and track affiliate referrals through your site.

Allow Overwrite

Only credit the most recent affiliate when a visitor comes through multiple affiliates' links.

Credit Once

Activate this feature to award commission to affiliates for the first purchase only, even if the referred customer makes subsequent orders.

Why Choose WC Affiliate

Onboard affiliates, monitor visits, manage commissions, and boost sales!

One-Click Payout

With just one click, affiliates can initiate payout requests, and administrators can manage these payments anytime, right from their dashboard.

Complete Logs

WC Affiliate makes monitoring your affiliate initiatives easy. Get detailed logs of balances, payouts, and referrals to ensure complete program visibility and control

Coupon Based Tracking

Affiliates can use coupon codes to offer discounts and secure sales credits without cookies or link clicks. Reward both the customer with savings and the merchant with increased sales.

Banner Builder

Create fully customizable banners to complement your referral links. WC Affiliate's banner builder lets you design banners that perfectly fit your brand and style.

Fully Customizable

WC Affiliate gives you complete control across multiple features. Manage commission rates, cookie expiry, referral status, and many more via the WC Affiliate dashboard.

Referral Tracking

Easily connect multiple sites to your affiliate system with WC Affiliate. Enable URL sharing, and track referrals across multiple independent domains

Personalized Emails

Add a personal touch to your emails for both admins and affiliates. Send bespoke emails for each process to reinforce your brand image

CSV Export

Keep all your affiliate reports safe and easily accessible with WC Affiliate's CSV Export feature. Streamline data management for your affiliate insights today!

Fully Automated

Focus on growing your business with WC Affiliate's fully automated system, slashing your workload by up to 30%. Simplify your affiliate program management in minutes.

Migration Tools

Keep your affiliate data safe during transitions with WC Affiliate's efficient migration tool. Ensure a seamless transfer from other affiliate plugins with minimal effort.

Top-Notch Support

Our dedicated team of experts goes above and beyond to solve your issues, guaranteeing satisfaction with every interaction.

Don't Just Take Our Words

Uncover why WC Affiliate is the preferred choice for hundreds of customers.

I was worried at first compared to the price of the product and compared to other competitors, but this product has proven itself to me and is worth a larger amount than the amount it is sold for. This product is worth appreciating and using Above all, the support team is amazing and very helpful. I am grateful to be one of your customers

I had a problem with one of my plugins and tech support were great they work hard and fast to get me up to speed. Mustakim Ahmed was very polite and help me understand the problem. Thank you guys.

I’ve been searching a simple to use and easy to understand affiliate platform in WordPress and so far WC Affiliate is the best that suit my needs. This plugin, except you need more power in the Pro version, does not need a bunch of ads-on to deploy the perfect affiliate platform. That’s off course includes the on click payment, coupon for affiliates to offer, and a shortener that customizable. The support team is also fast at addressing issues.

I purchased the PRO plan of this plugin and I am very satisfied with it. The interface is very easy and clear: everything is there to ensure that affiliates are pampered and our respective successes are achieved! The after-sales service is dynamic and efficient. I highly recommend this plugin, more detailed and easier to use than another affiliate plugin that I have elsewhere.

I have made research of all leading affiliate program plugin for WooCommerce but nothing came to close to this plugin. Once installed it was very easy for setup and start playing with. Hope the developer will give regular updates and maintain this plugin

Nice plugin for the WooCommerce affiliate program! Good user interface and easy to use. Thank you for this nice plugin.

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