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Become a Codexpert affiliate & earn up to 40% from your sales

After getting great responses from the WordPress user community we have decided to share happiness with everyone through the Codexpert affiliate program.

To be an affiliate of Codexpert, at first you will need to make an affiliate account at here.


After creating an account it will be in “Pending Approval” status for a while. But don’t worry about it, we will approve your affiliation request through a simple review of your application. And soon you will receive an “Affiliate Application Accepted” email.

That’s it! You are now an affiliate partner of Codexpert.

The best thing about our affiliate program is you will be recognized as a Codexpert affiliate partner no matter which product you choose.

Generating Codexpert Affiliate URLs

To generate an Affiliate URL for any product of Codexpert, at first you will need to login to the dashboard. Select any product at Then copy the product URL. For example, if you want to share a referral link for CoDesigner then you will need to click on the CoDesigner tile, copy the page URL and paste it in the Page URL box.

Monitor your earnings

You can monitor your earnings easily from the statistics tab. It also displays referral counts, visits, conversion rates, and more.

There are other tabs such as referrals, payouts, visits, and creatives for you to have a full overview of your account.

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