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90+ CoDesigner Widgets

Filter Horizontal

Show/hide filter options, sort items, customize the filter buttons, set unlimited price ranges, and more.

Filter Vertical

The Vertical Filter widget lets you customize filter buttons and the filter interface. Adjust filter items, header, action, price range, sort options, and more to your needs.

Single Products Widgets

Customize your Single Product pages with CoDesigner Pro widgets. Easily add price, title, cart, description, image, wishlist, compare, ask price, etc.

Pricing Tables

The Pricing table widgets by CoDesigner give you the freedom to change the header text, set a custom price, show the sale price, add unlimited features, customize the footer button, and many other design options.


Showcase your raving reviews and customize them to your taste using CoDesigner Pro ready-made review templates. Add unlimited reviews, change the slider animation, and design the review cards per your preferences.


Related Products

Add responsive Related Product widgets instantly to any page with CoDesigner. Includes Flip, Trendy, Accordion, and Table styles.





Skyrocket Your Conversion With

15 CoDesigner Modules

Checkout Builder

Maximize conversion on your site with customizable checkout templates including Multi-step and Shopify style templates that create a seamless purchasing process.

Invoice Builder

Improve brand identity for your business with Invoice Builder. This module helps you create custom invoices and customize them for your WooCommerce store.

Email Templates

Create customized, professional WooCommerce emails that stand out with eye-catching designs, clear messaging, and engaging content to drive more user action.

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With endless scope for creativity and unmatched features, CoDesigner is your partner in bringing your e-commerce vision to life with precision and maximizing your sales.


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