Just Launched CoDesigner Modules – Now turn your WooCommerce Store into a better sales machine.
Just Lunched CoDesigner Modules – Now turn your WooCommerce Store Into a better sales machine.

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Just Lunched CoDesigner Modules – Now turn your WooCommerce Store Into a better sales machine.

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Hot Summer, Cool Deals!


Get more out of your WooCommerce store with CoDesigner Modules

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Customize important parts of your WooCommerce store without writing a single line of code!

CoDesigner modules are like building blocks for your WooCommerce store. Each module adds a specific functionality or feature, allowing you to create a truly unique and personalized shopping experience for your customers. Try the modules listed below to extend and personalize your website in a better way.

Products Brands​

The woocommerce product brands module by codesigner allows you to highlight the brands of your products. This module is designed to elevate your woocommerce store’s branding. This module empowers you to effectively categorize and showcase your products by brand, offering an enhanced shopping experience for your customers while boosting your store’s credibility and trustworthiness.

Importance of Product Brand

Currency Switcher

Let the users choose their preferred currency on all WooCommece pages including the shop, cart, product, and checkout page.

Benefits of Currency Switcher for WooCommerce :

Variation Swathes

This module provides an alternative to the default WooCommerce dropdown fields so that the variations on your products can be their actual colors, images, labels, etc. CoDesigner variation swatches ensure a refreshing user experience and elegant look. This will change the variation product looks on the single product pages and shop pages created using CoDesigner.

Benefits of using Important Variation Swatches by CoDesigner :

Bulk Purchase

The WooCommrece bulk purchase module by CoDesigner lets you provide compelling discounts for your customers to buy in larger quantities. With this module, you can offer discounts on products when customers purchase items in bulk. This is really

Advantages of WooCommerce Bulk Purchase module by CoDesigner

Add To Cart Text

Add to cart module by CoDesigner lets you set custom text on the add to cart button. This is helpful to personalize the add to cart button with your own text. It helps users make a purchase decision more quickly when you use attractive and more user-friendly words instead of the usual “add to cart” text..

Skip Cart Page

The WooCommerce skip cart page module by CoDesigner helps you streamline the customer journey. This module gives you the ability to redirect potential customers directly to the checkout page. By using CoDesigner’s WooCommerce skip cart page module, you can also decrease the checkout process. This strategy is very helpful in reducing abandoned cart rates and boosting your conversion rates.

Flash Sale

The flash sale module by codesigner can be added to the codesigner shop widgets to display flash sale ribbon. Whenever you run a campaign, it will be helpful to engage the customer to purchase products at a discounted rate with the help of flash sale timer.

Partial Payment

WooCommerce partial payment by CoDesigner helps users make partial payments for the products they want to purchase. This module increases the flexibility of your WooCommerce store, which helps to get more conversions. This helps the shoppers manage their budget and get the product they want with ease.


The WooCommerce back order module lets you take orders for products that are temporarily out of stock. by default, WooCommerce has a backorder option, but it doesn’t have the option to set the availability date. the WooCommerce back order module by CoDesigner adds an extra capability to set a backorder availability date for your products.


Take control of product availability with the WooCommerce Pre Order module by CoDesigner. You can generate anticipation for your products within the WooCommerce store. By default, WooCommerce doesn’t have any preorder options. 

With the WooCommerce Pre Order module, you can set the preorder option in the inventory for any product. You can also set the Pre Order availability date in WooCommerce product management. This module can also help you set specific release dates for products.

Ajax Add To Cart

The default WooCommerce single product add to cart button reloads the page when clicked on. To give users a better experience the single ajax add to cart module by CoDesigner does the process without reloading the page. Also, this module can be used on any single product page. When activated, this module will help users instantly add their products to the cart. This will definitely improve the user experience.


It’s essential to capture the attention of potential customers and encourage them to make a purchase. To do so, you can use the WooCommerce Product Badge module by CoDesigner and show images, icons, or text to highlight a product on a shop page. 

It may seems like a sale ribbon bu by  the sale ribbon has the option to change the text. This module can help you show discount percentages using a placeholder. Also, you can set any text, image, or icon as the image. This module will only work on our shop widgets.

Email Templates

This module is a great tool to improve the look and feel of your WooCommerce emails. With this module, you can create WooCommerce emails that are more engaging and more likely to get attention from your users.

Benefits of using CoDesigner for email templates :

Invoice Builder

The WooCommerce invoice builder module allows you to easily create custom invoices for your WooCommerce store. With this module, you can change the design of your invoices. You can add styles and information to make them more personalized.

Benefits of using Important Invoice Builder by CoDesigner :

Multi-Step Checkout

A smooth and hassle-free checkout process can ensure high conversion rates and customer satisfaction. You should create an efficient and user-friendly checkout process as a woocommerce store owner. Adopting a multi-step checkout is great to start with.

That’s where the WooCommerce multi-step checkout module by CoDesigner can help you. This module is designed to optimize the default WooCommerce checkout page by breaking it down into multiple steps or sections.

Advantages of using WooCommerce Multi-Step Checkout by CoDesigner :

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