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Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale

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Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale

Up to 70% off

Assignment for CoSchool

Assignment for CoSchool

Course assignments can take many forms. It can be essays, reflective pieces, case studies, or projects. These types of tasks are an excellent way to gauge a student’s understanding of the course material. Assignments can be evaluated to give constructive feedback.


Makes the course interactive

Assignments make the course more interactive by engaging the enrolled students. They get to work on practical use of the course and have a better understanding of it. It is essential to track the progress of the students as per the instructor’s view. CoSchool assignment has a detailed assignment dashboard that includes the submission dates.

Paperless Submission

CoSchool course assignment eliminates the wastage of paper with fully online submissions. Also, you won’t need to spend time printing and then filing away the assignments. Moving assignment submissions online can save a significant amount of money per year on printing.

Submit from any device

Let your students submit from any devices with the fully responsive dashboard of CoSchool. Students can submit from any device whether it’s a desktop, a tablet, or a phone. Also, the instructors can review and accept the assignments on the go.

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