WooCommerce Integration for CoSchool

WooCommerce Integration for CoSchool

WooCoommerce is one of the leading eCommerce in the world. That’s why this addon is built to integrate with your eLearning platform. You can make learning materials and sell them on your online store with ease with this integration.


Built-in payment Processing

The built-in payment processing system of WooCommerce makes it easy to sell your courses online. You can easily set up the payment methods directly in the settings of WooCommerce. Also, there are many plugins out there for integrating 300+ payment methods to accept the course fee from your students.

Massive Library of Plugins

You might need advanced capabilities while creating your eLearning platform. For this many developers are creating plugins to add more capabilities to WooComemrce. These plugins can help you set up various payment options, shipping, marketing, accounting, and a whole lot of other things. You can get most of the plugins from the repository and the developers’ website.

Attractive Themes

Each online store should consist of its own personalized theme or design. Your online store should express what your business is by its design and feel. There are many third-party themes to make this happen. Also, you can customize these themes to give your eLearning platform and unique look.
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