Custom SMTP for CoSchool

Custom SMTP for CoSchool

The sole purpose of Customs SMTP is to send and receive messages in the form of emails. It provides easy communication between your eLearning platform and students by using different networks and tools. Custom SMTP is really easy to use and low cost.


Ensure Email Deliverability

Without custom SMTP your email might not make it to its destination. Custom SMTP sends an email back to the sender if it can’t deliver. This way you will know if a recipient’s email ID is valid or have an issue.

Email Tracking

It is important to track your email for a good response from your students. This is possible by using a custom SMTP server. It also helps you to do marketing of your eLearning website. You will get to know the success of your email marketing by using a custom SMTP.

Send Bulk Emails

Using this add-on you can automate and send bulk emails to your students. You can send bulk emails for marketing purposes and enroll more students. Also, custom SMTP can help send newsletters to keep the students and instructor updated.
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