6 Best WooCommerce Multi Vendor Plugins

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The development of a business depends on its long-term plan. WooCommerce is an important platform for online businesses at present. WooCommerce’s multi-vendor plugins have been a huge contributor to business development. Product diversity increases customer demand. With multi-vendor plugins, you can allow a variety of vendors to sell their products through your online stores. You can also set a specific commission for each sale of this seller. So, without the huge investment, you will be able to manage a steady revenue through WooCommerce multi-vendor plugins.

Here are some of the top WooCommerce multi-vendor plugins

Best WooCommerce Multi-Vendor Plugins

Product Vendors

This is a WooCommerce extension. This will help various online retailers to add to your site and store their products on your online site. And it helps to turn your online store into a marketplace. If a seller sells any product through this online store, you will be able to get a fair amount of commission from the seller. The main benefit is that you can include convenience bookings for all the products in this store. This plugin from WooCommerce is updated shortly and many features have been added in the last update. To compete with those who are currently in the marketplace, you can start a business by setting up low commissions at an early stage. Allows you to set up the order system and payment process as you wish.

Buy: A Pro version of this plugin will require $ 79 dollars to buy it.

YITH Multi-Vendor

YITH Multi-Vendor is another popular plugin. This will allow you to create a market where many people can sell their products and make a profit for each sale. This plugin does not have a separate dashboard for sellers on the front end. With this YITH plugin, you can manage multiple vendors on your site efficiently. Also, using this plugin, you can collect details about each vendor and set up as many admins as you need. The YITH Multi-Vendor plugin allows each vendor to set up and manage their products individually. You also have complete freedom in setting a commission rate. Depending on your convenience, you can set commission rates on each product. This allows sellers to respond to their product reviews independently.
So this plugin has many features that enable you to easily communicate with your vendors and customers.

Buy: You will need to pay $ 99 to purchase a single license for this plugin.

WC Marketplace

The plugin called WC Marketplace is a free plugin for WooCommerce. And it offers some eye-catching features that you can see in other premium plugins. You can use this plugin to efficiently manage a large number of vendors in your store. You can register new vendors manually at the WC Marketplace plugin. You can also manage many aspects of this plugin using bulk actions. In addition to these, you can set specific commissions for products and sellers throughout the entire website using this plugin. Payments can be completed with the click of an instant button. It supports some gateway payment systems, such as PayPal.
Also, this plugin has many features that make it easy for vendors to complete the registration process. In the add-ons, you can see some of the optional features. With a five-star rating of nearly two hundred and over 7,000 active installs, this WordPress plugin is really popular.

Webkul Multi-Vendor Marketplace

Webkul Multi-Vendor Marketplace

Webkul is a plugin capable of providing a multi-vendor environment. This plugin is a very easy-to-use plugin for both vendors and store owners. Each vendor and store owner has the freedom to edit and manage the information of any product. This means that both the seller and the store owner can edit any product they want. But some features like installation, commission, vendor access, etc. are reserved for the store owner only. You can set up a separate commission for different vendors through the store.
This plugin ensures that its URL structure is SEO-friendly. In all, it can be said that by using this plugin you will be able to reach the highest market audience.

Buy: You need to pay $ 99 to buy this plugin.

WC Vendors Pro

WC Vendors Pro

WC Vendor Pro is a popular multi-vendor plugin with many important and advanced features. It became largely popular for its unique marketing strategies and support systems. There is no rolling system on its front end. If you are looking for a minimalist-powered plugin with almost all the features of a multi-vendor marketplace, then this plugin is best suited for you. Its a professional-looking dashboard, very convenient storage for sale.
Also, this plugin also has some features, such as multiple commission types, coupon handling, and fully customizable store banners.

Buy: This plugin is priced at $ 149 with updates for one year.

Socio Multi-Vendor For WooCommerce

Socio Multi-Vendor for WooCommerce

Socio Multi-Vendor Plugin is currently receiving a 4.5-star rating from users. This is the use of your WordPress extension. This transforms your WooCommerce site into a multi-vendor. This plugin allows you to add vendors to the WordPress site and sell their products. All rights to add and cancel a vendor are set solely for the owner. This plugin works for all types of products. However, only one vendor can sell each product. Through this plugin, vendors submit an application from the front end, and the products in this form appear after approval from the owner. Depending on the level of product, vendor level, and global level, the commission rate of the product is set by the admin or the owner.

Wrapping it up

You can manage any business online with the WooCommerce Multi Vendor plugins mentioned above. For that, you must have a good knowledge of its usage. These plugins are playing a very important role in the online world at this time of globalization.

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