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25 Best Black Friday marketing Ideas

Mar 10, 2024

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Black Friday marketing ideas

Black Friday is the Friday that comes next to Thanks Giving. With this, the holiday and shopping season starts throughout the world. Both online and offline businesses promote their products at a high discount this season. It’s an excellent opportunity for all types of businesses to make a good turnaround starting from Black Friday to New year’s eve.

Black Friday dates from the 1960s and originally refers to the congestion created by the shoppers. It was later defined as a day when retailers’ accounts get ‘in the black’ from being ‘in the red.’ The term ‘in the red’ means being at a financial loss. On the other hand, the term ‘in the red’ means being in a profitable state in business.

Although the phrase ‘Black Friday’ might sound negative but it can positively boost your sales. To help you achieve your goals this holiday season I will introduce you to some efficient marketing ideas that are easy to carry out.

Black Friday Marketing Ideas

1. Create a catchy Black Friday slogan

Creating a catchy Black Friday slogan for your marketing channels will help to attract customers more easily. You can create a slogan that’s related to your brand and tells customers what your brand stands for. Also, the slogan can reflect the benefits of your product or service.

2. Use urgency

Showing urgency is a brilliant Black Friday marketing idea that can make visitors take action as soon as possible. Urgency can grab people’s attention and improves the visibility of your Black Friday marketing deals. Also, it can increase the conversion process significantly. Because it builds excitement to grab the offer among the visitors.

3. Do partnerships with influencers

Partnerships with the influencers in your business area can bring more success to your Black Friday marketing campaign. Collaborate with creators and influencers to create content promoting your store and products. Send partnership invitations to the influencers and offer them your items for free to test and promote those products. You can get hold of the best influencers with lucrative offers and affiliation proposals.

Black Friday marketing idea - Social media influencer

4. Redesign your online store & add a dedicated landing page

Redesign your online store or website with Black Friday and Cyber Monday theme to bring out the vibe. Put all the information of your campaign on the dedicated landing page. Highlight the promo codes and discounts you are offering on the landing page. Make the landing page eye-soothing with attractive visuals and fully responsive on all types of devices. Prioritize checking the responsiveness on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

5. Get your website ready for high traffic

Your website might crash due to high traffic during the Black Friday marketing campaign. You need to get prepared before promoting and launching any campaign on a special occasion. The same goes for Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaigns. Because these two are really close in dates. You can run vulnerability tests to ensure your website performance is stable under pressure.

You can use GTmetrix for seeing the analytics of your website performance. Also, you can use it to run tests on your website to ensure that it can handle high traffic. If not then you can increase the hosting server capacity, or even migrate to a better hosting offered by great companies like Namecheap.

While redesigning your website and creating a landing page try to keep the size of the assets at a minimal size. You can compress the images but keep a good resolution to fit all types of displays using ThumbPress. This plugin comes in handy if you have already uploaded images in larger sizes on your WordPress website.

6. Easy checkout process

Make the checkout process easier for the customers to quickly complete their purchases. No one likes a complex checkout process. Only add the checkout fields you really want the customers to fill in. Don’t make it lengthy by adding unnecessary fields. Don’t know how to code? No worries! You can easily make the checkout process easy with CoDesigner if you have a WordPress website.

Black Friday marketing idea - Optimize Checkout process

7. Create an easy refund policy

Create a refund policy that is not too complicated for your customers. You can create a no-questions-asked refund policy to gain trust and show how confident you are about your product and services. Make refunds accessible for longer periods like 15 or 30 days.

8. Promote Your Deals Early

Promote your Black Friday marketing deals with an early bird flash sale and reminder email. This will help your audience mark the day of the big sale. Also, post about your upcoming Black Friday marketing deals on social media to get the attention of a broader target audience.

9. Promote your deal on Social Media

Promote your Black Friday marketing deals on social media to have exposure to a greater user base. Run Facebook and Instagram advertisements are a good start for social media promotion. Do the research and set your target audiences before starting any type of promotion. Create interactive banners with catchy text to attract viewers. You should also prioritize promoting your Black Friday marketing deals on other social media platforms including Tiktok, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Black Friday marketing idea - Promote on social media

10. Build email lists early

Start building an email list with interested people for Black Friday and other marketing deals. Use this list to keep them informed of upcoming Black Friday marketing deals. You can capture the leads via pop-up forms, free giveaways, and in exchange for valuable content.

11. Black Friday email marketing

Once your email list is ready, create and send personalized emails for early bird, flash sales, and Black Friday marketing offers. You should send these emails to both past and new subscribers. This way can bring more outcomes from email marketing.

Write email subject lines that will attract the audience easily. Because the email subject line is the first thing the audience will read. That’s why your subject line should stand out in the competition. A/B test the subject lines to filter the most attractive ones. Unattractive subject lines won’t push the audience to open the emails.

Personalize the email campaigns. You can greet the users by name, and include deals that are suitable for them, based on their previous purchases. Also, keep in mind that email open rates are time-sensitive. Schedule the emails based on time zones to get the maximum open rate.

12. Send discount codes to email subscribers

Send special discounts to email subscribers for subscribing to your email list. Create interactive pop-ups that clearly display the benefits of subscribing to your email list. You should adopt a system that will automatically send special discount codes to email subscribers. Fluent CRM is a great plugin to automate these types of emails based on certain actions and events.

Black Friday marketing idea - Email marketing

13. Offer A Gift With the Purchase

Users love receiving gifts. Offering a gift with every purchase is a smart move to keep potential customers in the loop. Make sure to offer something you can afford and let the orders pour in. You can offer them gifts, coupons, and store credit based on purchases of a certain amount or higher. Incentivizing consumers influences them to spend more to receive gifts and even refer others to you. Don’t forget to promote these gifts through every channel possible including social media, emails, your website, and any other marketing channels.

14. Upsell your products

Create a plan to upsell your products during the Black Friday marketing campaign. You can the tactics below –

  • Giveaway gifts when a certain amount is spent by the customers,
  • Offer free shipping after the customer order amount reaches a threshold.
  • Promote Buy 1 Get 1 deals.
  • Create bundled offers.
  • Create urgency for certain deals.

15. Promote referral rewards

This is another great Black Friday marketing idea to grow your business without much effort. Referral programs are great to expand your business with minimal cost and effort. You can turn your customer into your marketer by inviting them to your referral program. Offer a handsome incentive for every conversion made by them. Also, you can offer them gifts or special discounts on your products for referring your products. It’s a great marketing strategy where everyone wins.

Black Friday marketing idea - referral marketing

16. Get engagements with Mystery deals

Mystery deal is another great technique to get user engagement. Research and analyze what your visitors are interested in and make a list of attractive gifts to include in the mystery deal. You can create a mystery box to be opened after a user subscribes, spin a wheel to reveal offers, and get email engagement by sending mystery gifts via email.

17. Display A Countdown Clock

Display a countdown clock on top of your website to create urgency among visitors. The countdown should automatically initiate whenever a visitor comes to your website. You can set various gifts available for a timeframe like 2 hours or as much as you wish to push the visitors to take action before the time runs out. Ideally, it’s better to display the timer on the header of your website.

18. Offer Free Shipping

Free shipping is always preferred by shoppers. You can offer free shipping only during your Black Friday and other special occasions to get more orders. Promote it on social media, emails, and advertisements with a link to your landing page. Set conditional free shipping and minimum order amount to increase the order value. Don’t make the conditions too hard on your customer which might lead to a loss of sales.

Free Shipping

19. Add multiple payment Options

You can simply lose a sale if a visitor doesn’t find their flexible payment method while shopping from your online store. You need to make the purchase process easy and smooth by offering multiple payment options on your checkout page. Also, you can highlight the payment methods you are accepting on the footer of your website.

Start with adding the most popular payment methods that include:

  • Paypal
  • Apple pay
  • Google pay
  • Amazon Pay
  • Card payments
  • Debit cards
  • Electronic bank transfers
  • eBay Managed Payments
  • Gift cards
  • Digital currencies
  • Cash on delivery

20. Black Friday Marketing Deals Live Stream

Live streaming your deals on special sale events like Black Friday is a great way to get closer to your audience. You can also build good relationships with your audience by engaging in real-time with your audience. You can do Q/A sessions and product reviews to get feedback from the audience.

Live streaming on popular channels like YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram can reach a large audience who are interested in your product and service. This increases the chances of trusting your business and getting a good number of orders.

21. Retarget the abandoned carts

Abandoned carts are like a treasure ship sunk in the ocean. You need to adopt a strategy to recover those lost treasures. Decrease the cart abandonment rate by applying an exit intent pop-up that’ll detect when users are about to exit the cart or checkout page. Add a lucrative offer with a special discount, coupon, store credit, or a free gift to complete their purchase. You can send an abandoned cart email after a certain period of time to increase your chance of getting new conversions. WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery by CartFlows is a popular plugin to recover those lost sales on your WordPress website.

Abandoned cart

22. Deploy Flash Sales

Deploying flash sales throughout is a great marketing strategy to get user attention. Flash sales usually contain greater discount amounts that last for a limited period. This creates a sense of urgency for shoppers which is known as FOMO (fear of missing out). The visitors get rushed to take advantage of the discounts before the deal expires. This can highly increase your business revenue during Black Friday.

23. Resume your campaign up to Cyber Monday

Shoppers might feel agitated if your offer is only available for a day on Black Friday. Because there are so many businesses in different categories offering lucrative discounts. Shoppers often miss out on deals when they get a short timeframe to decide which purchases should they make first. It’s smart to start one or two days early and continue the sale up to Cyber Monday.

24. Utilize Hashtags

Hashtags make your content more visible to the public eyes. You can easily blend up with the trend by using the popular hashtags used during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It’s a great tactic to bring visitor traffic to your website and social media pages. You can use hashtags in your Black Friday marketing posts on social media. Include them within the main body of the post, in quotes, and in titles. Also, you can add hashtags to your product description and change them from time to time on different occasions.

Popular hashtags for Black Friday and Cyber Monday include #bfcm, #blackfriday, #cybermonday, #Blackfridaysale, #Blackfridayshopping,  #BlackFridayDeals, and #ShoppingDay. Alongside these hashtags, you can use hashtags that are relevant to your brand.

25. Ensure Customer Satisfaction

This is the most important part of any type of business. Your customer is your golden goose. Don’t turn down any customer intentionally. But mistakes happen. Try to sort it out and convince the customer with soft words, a special gift, a discount, or even a refund. Keep up good communication and relationship with loyal customers and they will keep coming back to buy goods from your business.

Create and manage a team of great customer support executives to handle every single query with importance. Take frequent feedback from the customer about your products and services. Also, get their opinion on how to improve your products and services.

Wrapping it up

The ultimate goal of all these Black Friday marketing ideas is to acquire more satisfying customers and revenue during the holiday season. If your products and service are up to the mark then this technique will surely bring you a handsome turnaround on Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketing campaigns.

You should also research your competitors’ strategies and get used to new strategies. Finally, enjoy researching and deploying different marketing strategies during the holiday season to know which ones have the best impact on your business. Feel free to leave a comment if you want to share any other Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketing ideas or want to know more details of any ideas shared in this post.

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