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6 Best WooCommerce Email Customizer Plugins 2024

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Email marketing has recently become one of the most popular digital marketing techniques. Emails let you connect with your customers more personally than other marketing strategies and offer the highest ROI among all digital marketing channels. 

However, with around 121 business emails being sent and received each day, getting customers to engage with your emails is becoming increasingly difficult. This is where WooCommerce email customizer plugins come in. 

With the right WooCommerce plugin, you can automatize this process by sending custom transactions, confirmation, and promotional emails at the drop of a hat. This blog will list the six best WooCommerce email customizer plugins for 2024, and highlight each of their strengths to help you improve your email marketing efforts. 

Let’s get into it! 

What is an email marketing plugin? 

To put it simply, an email marketing plugin is a tool designed to help you manage and improve your email marketing efforts directly from your WordPress dashboard. These plugins automate the process of building and maintaining email lists, creating and sending campaigns, and tracking the performance of your emails.

Email marketing plugins typically follow one of two approaches – 

  • All-in-One Solutions

These plugins offer comprehensive features that allow you to handle everything from email list management to campaign creation and sending, all within the dashboard. 

You can design opt-in forms, manage subscribers, and send out newsletters without needing to leave your WordPress environment. This option is perfect if you prefer to manage your email marketing by yourself instead of paying for a separate service.

  • Integration-Focused Solutions

These plugins are designed to work alongside your existing email marketing service. They help you grow your subscriber list by giving you access to tools that create engaging sign-up forms, pop-ups, and other lead-generation features that sync with platforms like Mailchimp. 

If you’re already using an email marketing service but want to get more subscribers, these plugins can give you the additional functionality you need.

6 Best WooCommerce Email Customizer Plugins 

Choosing the right email marketing plugin depends on your specific needs and how you prefer to manage your email campaigns. To help you make the best choice, here are our top six picks for the best WooCommerce email marketing plugins available in 2024 – 

1. CoDesigner

Codesigner WooCommerce Email Customizer Plugin

CoDesigner’s Email Customizer module for WooCommerce is a powerful tool that lets you design and automate your emails to match your brand. You can easily create visually stunning, branded emails that resonate with your audience using its drag-and-drop interface and extensive customization options. 

CoDesigner features 10+ stunning email templates, each designed to notify the customer each time their purchase updates. You have the freedom to edit every aspect of these templates, from layout and color schemes to dynamic content and custom messages to make sure your emails look professional and engaging every time.

You can also track open rates, click-through rates, and other key metrics to understand how your emails are performing, as well as manage your subscriber lists to send out targeted campaigns. 

Pros – 

  • Complete Solution: Manage all email marketing tasks within WordPress.
  • Extensive Customization Options: Create branded, responsive emails.
  • Subscriber Management: Manage and segment subscriber lists.
  • Performance Analytics: Track email campaign metrics for optimization.
  • Cost-Effective: No need for separate email marketing services.

Cons – 

  • Learning Curve for Advanced Features: Advanced functionalities may require time to master.
  • Limited Features: Lack some advanced features of dedicated platforms.
  • Email Deliverability: Deliverability may not match dedicated email services.

2. MailPoet

Mailpoet WooCommerce Email Customizer Plugin

When it comes to WooCommerce email marketing plugins, few are as prominent as MailPoet. It allows you to build and manage your mailing list by letting your audience sign up and subscribe directly from your WooCommerce store. 

You can easily collect these emails and use them to build brand awareness and create buzz about promotional events. You can either design emails from scratch or use MailPoet’s beautiful, pre-built templates, which are highly responsive and support all devices. 

Its built-in email-sending service is perfect for non-technical users who may find third-party email-sending services overly complex to navigate. 

Pros – 

  • Drag-and-Drop Editor: Easily create attractive, responsive emails with a simple drag-and-drop interface.
  • Generous Free Plan: The free version supports up to 20,000 subscribers, making it ideal for growing businesses.
  • Affordable Premium Options: Premium features start at just $10 per month and offer advanced functionalities at a reasonable cost.
  • Pre-Built Templates: Access to beautiful, responsive templates that look great on all devices.

Cons – 

  • Limited Free Plan Features: The free version, while generous in subscriber count, lacks some advanced features available in premium plans.
  • Potential Learning Curve: New users might require some time to fully explore and utilize all the features.
  • Email Deliverability: Emails sent via MailPoet might not always match the deliverability rates of dedicated email marketing services.

3. Brevo (formerly SendinBlue)

Brevo WooCommerce Email Customizer Plugin

If you’re looking for comprehensive email marketing solutions for your small business, then Brevo is the way to go. Formerly known as SendinBlue, Brevo is a free plugin that features intuitive drag-and-drop email design tools and a variety of custom fields to create professional and highly personalized emails for your target audience. 

To use this plugin, you’ll need to integrate it with Brevo’s email marketing service (which is also free) to enable automated email workflows such as order confirmations, abandoned cart reminders, and promotional campaigns. 

Brevo’s analytics and advanced reporting tools let you track metrics like open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates to refine your marketing strategies continuously. Its scalable pricing plans make it ideal for businesses of all sizes to streamline their email marketing efforts. 

Pros – 

  • Free to Use: Offers a free version for small businesses with essential features.
  • Advanced Segmentation: Allows for audience targeting and email personalization. 
  • Strong Analytics: Provides detailed metrics to track and optimize email campaigns.
  • Multi-Channel Marketing: Includes SMS marketing capabilities for broader outreach.

Cons – 

  • Requires Integration: This can only be used with Brevo’s email marketing service.
  • Limited Free Plan: The free plan might have limitations on advanced features.
  • Learning Curve: Advanced features may require some time to master.

4. FluentCRM 

FluentCRM WooCommerce Email Customizer Plugin

Fluent CRM is the economical choice for the WooCommerce email marketing plugin in 2024. Much like the other plugins featured here, FluentCRM simplifies the management of email marketing, automation, and CRM tasks to allow site owners to focus on expanding their online presence. 

With this plugin, users can create and manage unlimited email lists, campaigns, and automated emails to cater to the diverse needs of businesses and marketers. FluentCRM also provides a comprehensive analytics hub that brings all essential business metrics together in one location.

With the insights you receive from email marketing performance, you can make informed decisions, improve your strategies, and maximize your ROI.

Pros – 

  • Cost-Effective: No additional costs for using the plugin.
  • Unlimited Capabilities: Create and manage unlimited email lists, campaigns, and automation.
  • Advanced Filtering: Segment leads and customers for targeted campaigns.
  • Comprehensive Analytics: Provides essential business metrics in one place.

Cons – 

  • Limited Integrations: It may not support all tools and platforms a business uses.
  • Scalability: It may not scale well for growing businesses with complex needs.
  • Performance Issues: Can add load to the server and affect site performance.

5. Newsletter


Newsletter is another powerful WooCommerce email customizer plugin that lets you design emails, create subscription forms, and manage your subscriber lists. Similar to the other plugins mentioned above, you can create beautiful, responsive emails with a drag-and-drop editor and use its advanced tracking features to keep up with reports and analytics. 

Newsletter’s free version is great for small websites and businesses. But it doesn’t have its own email-sending service like MailPoet. This means you will need to connect it to a service like Amazon SES, SendGrid, or Mailgun.

Pros – 

  • Advanced Tracking: Detailed analytics to monitor email performance.
  • Subscriber Management: Efficiently manage and segment your subscriber lists.
  • Free and Premium Options: Free version for small sites, with premium plans offering advanced features starting at $45 per month.

Cons – 

  • No Built-in Sending Service: Requires connection to an external service like Amazon SES, SendGrid, or Mailgun.
  • Technical Setup: Non-technical users might find the setup process challenging.

6. Mailster 


Mailster is a comprehensive WooCommerce email marketing plugin that lets you create opt-in forms, manage subscribers, and send both one-off and automated emails using a user-friendly visual builder. 

However, Mailster does not include its email-sending service, so you will need to connect it with a third-party service like Mailgun. Luckily, Mailster comes with built-in support that makes the setup process simple. 

One of Mailster’s biggest advantages is its lifetime license option, offering long-term affordability compared to subscription-based alternatives. 

Pros – 

  • Lifetime License Option: Offers long-term affordability with a one-time purchase.
  • Subscriber Management: Handle and segment your email lists efficiently.
  • Visual Builder: User-friendly visual builder for creating stylish and detailed emails.

Cons – 

  • No Built-In Sending Service: Requires setup with third-party email-sending services.
  • No Free Version: Not suitable for users seeking a free email marketing plugin.

Try these WooCommerce email marketing plugins today!

Selecting the right WooCommerce email customizer plugin highly depends on the demands of your business. If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution, CoDesigner offers extensive customization options directly from your dashboard. For a built-in email-sending service, MailPoet is an excellent choice for streamlining the email marketing process. Brevo offers robust email marketing features with a focus on automation and personalization. 

FluentCRM is ideal for those who need advanced CRM features alongside email marketing. The Newsletter plugin excels at list-building and subscriber management. Lastly, Mailster stands out with its lifetime license option for a cost-effective solution for intricate and styled email designs. 

Each of these plugins can significantly boost your email marketing efforts, so explore them carefully to find the best fit for your business and audience. 

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