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Comparison of top migration plugins for WordPress

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Top Migration WP Plugins


If you want to move to a new office, house or school from one place to another, this process requires a
lot of time and effort. It’s also tiring. But thankfully, if you want to move somewhere in the Word Press
elsewhere, you will not face such problems. Using the Word Press Migration Plugin, it can be easily
moved by clicking buttons. Currently, there are excellent migration plugins. We are going to discuss the
best 8 migration plugins in this article. Before that, you have some ideas on why Word Press should


Why Need to Migrate Your WordPress?

Firstly, Word Press users prefer to host the lowest feature services when creating their sites. But after
the traffic of the site grew a bit later, they needed to choose a different hosting plan. Again, if you are a
beginner website developer and create a site for clients, then after the completion of the development
of your site, you must transfer the WordPress site from the local server or your server to the client’s
server. You can always migrate the website manually, but if you are not familiar with the network
configuration then you can get into many problems.

To avoid these problems, we are highlighting the following eight appropriate WordPress plugins that will benefit you.

8 Best WordPress Migration Plugins:



Duplicator is one of the most popular migration plugins in the world of the world.
It provides solutions to both WordPress and migration. This helps to transfer a WordPress
website from one host to another host. The process of transferring becomes much easier, safer,
and much faster. The free version also works great. But to get all the features or all the features
you must use its premium version. It’s premium plan mainly provides access to a site with regular
backups, drop boxes, Amazon S3, Google Drive, cloud storage, and much more.

Price: Includes $49 to add some features to its premium version, including the free version.


All-In-One WordPress Migration:

WordPress Migration This plugin also works a great deal. It provides a site export and import file options. One of the best features of All-In-One WordPress Migration is that it creates a "bypass" in the system and transfers compatible files to new hosting. This hosting plan is very useful for common limited hosting users. The premium package will provide you with additional features. For example, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Cloud Storage, etc.

Price: All in One Migration can be downloaded to the WordPress Plugin. But premium extensions
can cost up to $59 to $179.



BackupBuddy is a nice and very effective backup plugin for WordPress. It automatically backs up at a specific time such as daily, weekly, or monthly according to your needs. BackupBuddy creates backups to make your site easy to migrate. This backup plugin also provides excellent cloud storage facilities for saving backup data. Additionally, through this, you can send your backup information directly to your email, which you will not get on any other plugin. In addition to transferring your website, the plugin can also be used to recover a site. Moreover, the plugin will access 1GB of space for your data.

Price: This plugin is not available for free. If you spend only $ 80 to $ 199, you can get the license
of this whole life.


WP Migrate DB:

In order to migrate a website, there are some different methods of WP Migrate DB that do not have other migration plugins. It exports a database to the website as a SQL file which is then used to import a new domain. WP Migrate DB can automatically replace the URL in a website’s database. This can save you from unnecessary data and spamming.

Prize: There is a free version of the plugin and you can purchase a premium version of all features
attached to $ 90, which allows you to move directly from WordPress’s dashboard to your site.



UpdraftPlus is a free plugin that automatically helps to back up WordPress files and backups its database. It automatically helps synchronize the database with Dropbox, Google Drive, SFTP, FTP, etc., so that all your backup files will be compressed in the ZIP file. Therefore, you can recover any information, such as themes, plugins, databases, images, etc. as you need.

Prize: UpdraftPlus is available for free but has a premium version. The premium version will cost
about $ 70 to $ 195 per year. It offers you free updates and 1 GB of storage for one year.


Migrate Guru:

Migrate Guru helps you to migrate your website by creating new databases on your own server. This method does not have the risk of losing data during migration. The WordPress migration plugin is amazingly able to move 1-gigabyte data in less than 30 minutes. You will be surprised to know that it is designed to move a website with up to 200 GB of the database. Your WordPress site regularly updates the status of migration via email, so you can take care of the entire migration process from anywhere.

Prize: Migrating Guru is available free of charge. All of these functions can be used without add-ons.



VaultPress is a premium WordPress migration plugin that does not have any free version. This smart tool was developed by WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg. VaultPress has many functional functions to ensure website migration and to take effect in the backup process. Unfortunately, VaultPress can only be used as JetPack as well. This plugin can protect your website from annoying spam and malware attack.

Prize: This premium plugin will cost about $ 3.5 per month to buy.


Super Backup and Clone:

This is a premium WordPress migration plugin that automatically backs up. With this plugin you can backup your site as needed and as well as migrate, recover, and add a new database. This premium plan will provide you with 12 months of email service.

Prize: Its regular plan price is $ 35 and it will provide you free updates and support for 6 months.
Moreover, you can extend the extra $ 11 and extend it for 12 months.



Lastly, The migration process is a slow process. Migration takes a lot of time, especially in websites with
a large database of thousands of data. Therefore, it will be beneficial for you to create backup
information for caution when migration. And you can migration to your site using the one you like best
from among the backup plugins mentioned above.

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