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Introducing CoDesigner: An Elementor add-on to build your WooCommerce store

Mar 10, 2024

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Today I will introduce you to a WordPress plugin that is very useful for your eCommerce website. This is the first Elementor add-ons to integrate with WooCommerce. It is called CoDesigner. Basically, it is an add-on of the Elementor, Which allows you to design the entire part of your eCommerce website. For example, you can design your shop page, single product page, cart page, checkout page, etc. This is the world’s first WooCommerce-related page builder add-ons. This allows you to design your WooCommerce pages very nicely.

Build your WooCommerce store with Codesigner

Below is a detailed introduction to CoDesigner:

CoDesigner has some eye-catching widgets that can make your website more visually beautiful. The essentiality of these widgets can be felt for visual beauty and different types of functionality. There are several categories of CoDesigner’s widgets, and each category has multiple design rich widgets, which are free and pro versions.


CoDesigner has some eye-catching shop widgets. With these widgets, you can design your shop page in a very simple way. Everyone will love to see these shop widgets with rich designs. These shop widgets include some free and some pro versions. You can use any one of them, but the Pro version has more features than the free widget. Using this shop widget from Woolmenter will make your shop pages look more elegant and colorful. You can customize the design of the shop widgets. As well as being able to enhance the beauty in many color combinations. If you use the shop widgets of these add-ons for the WooCommerce shop page, the shop pages will become interesting to look at.


CoDesigner add-ons have some filter widgets. With these filter widgets, you can filter a lot of shop products. For example, if you want to see a certain product color or you are looking for a certain product quality or a certain product category or a certain product size, etc. you can do these things through filter widgets. Filter widgets are also free and pro widgets. You can use any one of them as you need. Widgets of CoDesigner Add-ons are essential for WooCommerce for filtering products.

Single Product Page

Woocommerce has a single product page like the shop pages. You can also design this single product page through CoDesigner. A default WooCommerce single product page contains a product title, description, breadcrumbs, pricing table, and product variation elements. CoDesigner add-ons have a few different widgets for these elements. With this, you can design a single product page and further enhance its beauty.

Related Products

At the bottom of the WooCommerce single product page is a separate default section for related products. You can use CoDesigner’s related product widgets to display these related product sections. Visually all related product widgets of CoDesigner are very colorful and rich in features. It has both free and pro versions. The Pro version has more features than the free widgets. You can use that for anyone as needed.

Image Gallery

Woocommerce shows some image galleries for different products. For this image gallery, CoDesigner add-ons have some image gallery widgets with different designs that are really very eye-catching. Here are some popular and attractive gallery widgets. For example, there are some more gallery widgets including lightbox, fancybox, and box slider. Image gallery widgets are rich in many features and designs. These can be customized to your needs and design changes and enhancements. Also, be able to design different colors.


We mentioned earlier that all WooCommerce pages can be designed with CoDesigner. In this continuum, you can also design cart pages with CoDesigner add-ons. It has some different widgets for cart pages. This allows you to easily customize and design the cart page. You can also do the functionality of the cart page completely with these widgets. A default WooCommerce cart page basically has some product cart and a coupon code part. CoDesigner has multiple cart widgets for doing cart products and coupon widgets for adding coupon codes. Through this, you can do all the functionality of the cart and coupon code. Cart widgets include some free and pro versions. You can use anyone.


You’ll be happy to know that CoDesigner is a very useful add-on for you to provide a design to your WooCommerce checkout page. You can design and customize the checkout page as you wish with CoDesigner. This will allow you to perform all the important tasks required on the checkout page. You can even add many new fields to the Billing, Shipping, and Order-note sections on the checkout page using those widgets. You can also cancel some fields there if you want. You can add Billing, Shipping, Order, Order-review, and Payment method, these different widgets on the checkout page. These sections are basically on the checkout page of a WooCommerce site. There is also a widget named Thank You. After ordering the product it will let you know that the order has been placed. You can customize these widgets for the checkout page. Also, each of the widgets used for the checkout page allows you to design different colors and enhance beauty. This add-on is essential for you when it comes to checkout page design. You will find all these different widgets for the checkout page in the pro version of CoDesigner.


In addition to these, there are some other widgets in CoDesigner add-ons that will help you a lot in using WooCommerce. Among them are Wish Widgets for wishing different products, some Tabs widgets, Social widgets for sharing on social sites, and there are also more widgets.

Last word

In a word, CoDesigner is an important and essential add-on for Woocommerce. CoDesigner is currently the only add-on for Woocommerce that can design all Woocommerce pages. Each of these widgets of CoDesigner add-ons will enrich your eCommerce website. From the above discussion, you can understand what CoDesigner is and how it works in WooCommerce. You will definitely benefit knowing from this.

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