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7 great tips for Improving User Experience for your WooCommerce site

Mar 10, 2024

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User experience makes your WooCommerce website more effective by converting visitors into customers with the right approach. Also, you can encourage existing users to come back to make purchases more regularly.

There are many ways to enhance user experience using WooCommerce as a foundation, so here are just a few of the most impactful options available to you.

Decrease page load time

Most of the users will turn their faces away if your shopping site does not load quickly since most users will be browsing from mobiles and often sites become too slow on mobile devices. This sluggish performance of your site can make web-savvy consumers annoyed. This is one of the most common reasons why eCommerce sites struggle to maintain a good user experience.

You can improve the user experience by trying image compression to decrease the loading time of the pages. Also, try optimizing the CSS, HTML, and Javascript files of the theme you are using. These techniques will significantly speed up your website. You can also try the fully optimized CoDesigner shop widgets to display your store products with easy navigation and less page load time.

Of course, all the backend optimization will become fruitless if your site does not have a high-quality hosting provider to back it up. So, always go for the best hosting package if the page load speed is not up to the mark.

Improve user experience for eCommerce site

Keep the interface up-to-date

You should always keep an eye on whether your site’s interface is satisfying the needs and expectations of visitors, otherwise, this might affect the sales entirely. People use different devices while shopping online. Most users usually browse from mobile devices. That’s why you need to make sure the design of the website is responsive and it can function perfectly even while users are using different screen sizes. Make sure the visitors can use the website on all devices. If you do not make significant improvements to UX in-house, it is worth working with agencies that offer user experience design services to help you achieve your aims on the basis of testing results.

Add live chat to your site

There will always be visitors who need help no matter how well-designed your eCommerce site is. They will be seeking real-time support rather than the response from a bot. This is where adding a live chat function comes in. It enables you to offer support directly to visitors on the site itself. So, that they won’t need to wait for a long time and will get their problem fixed in real time. There are many good live chat plugins for WooCommerce out there. Most of them offer additional functionalities such as integration with popular email marketing tools and social networking tools.

Focus on easy navigation

It will make it difficult for the clients to navigate through your site pages if you have a complex website design. If your website is difficult to use for general users then you will lose a lot of customers. You need to make sure that there are no unnecessary elements while designing the layout of your site. You should pay attention to the simple search options because it is the best way of helping the customers find what they are looking for.

It is very important that your website is user-friendly for all types of customers. Most of the time the shoppers become confused about the items that you want to buy and that’s why you should implement easy navigation for them to do shopping stress-free.

Simple and smart Checkout Options

The checkout page of an eCommerce site should always be simple. If the fill-up and transaction process is difficult then you will unlikely lose customers. That’s why you should improve the experience of shoppers on your site by making the checkout simple and easy. Shoppers usually get irritated if there are too many fields, options, or steps. The simpler the checkout page, the easier for customers to buy goods more comfortably. Always make sure that there are no distractions while navigating to the checkout page. CoDesigner lets you customize the checkout page any way you want for your WooCommerce store. Click here to see how to customize the checkout as per your preferences.

Prioritize the search option for User Experience

Your website visitors are more likely to be on your site for longer if they can easily search for other products. You should use a good product search plugin for this, WordPress has a variety of interesting plugins for this.

Live Search, is a good feature to include since it lets users get product suggestions while they are inputting a keyword. This makes navigating between different products more seamless and time-saving. User interactions will increase when you put more time and effort into making your site’s search tools well-optimized.

Add feedback features to your store

Modern customers not only want to leave their opinions on products on e-commerce sites but also want to see what other people think of those items before they buy.  Most of the customers trust user reviews to help guide their buying decisions. That’s why CoDesigner came up with two new widgets- Customer Reviews Classic and Customer Reviews Standard to let your eCommerce store users leave feedback on the products for others to read.

By following these steps you will have more engaging users on your online store. The next to focus on is expanding your business. You should incorporate good marketing strategies for this. Online marketing is pretty competitive but it gets easier if you have multiple people to help you promote your product to the target audience. Affiliate programs are great for this and help you insignificantly expand your business.

WordPress websites are great for running affiliate programs. There are many plugins to run and manage affiliate programs directly from your WordPress website. We have a complete solution to help you manage affiliate campaigns – WC Affiliate. Check this post if you are interested in boosting your sales by running affiliate programs on your website.

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