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15 Tips for Running a Successful WooCommerce Store

Mar 10, 2024

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When it comes to developing and running an online store, getting leads and converting them to sales becomes the first challenge. It becomes a headache and a bit more complex than working with web technology and its maintenance.

Everyone wishes to see more visitors and sales but increasing conversion is something that can make or break your store! But it’s not something so hard but requires passion, dedication, and all your effort to make the business successful. There’s almost no chance if you want to consider it as a side hustle.

Based on extensive research, I would like to help you guys out with 15 great techniques and tactics that would help you boost sales on your WooCommerce Store.

WooCommerce Store

1. Simplify the menus

Website menus are the first step to staying organized. It helps you to group your product, services, contact information, etc. You need to be careful not to make it complicated. Because too many categories will confuse the customers and prevent them from what they are actually looking for.

The menu doesn’t need to be super specific but it should contain the major categories of your products.

2. Include a search bar on your site

Adding a search bar on your WooCommerce store makes it easier for users to find a specific product in no time. Most of the WooCommerce stores contain tons of products that might confuse the customers within a short time. And if they get annoyed you will lose sales and reputation for sure.

That’s why it’s a mandatory thing for all eCommerce sites to have. Forcing users to browse through all pages won’t drive much conversion and sales. The search bar helps to save customers valuable time also.

While adding a search bar on your WooCommerce store make sure all your products are lagged and labeled appropriately. Thus, the search result would be more accurate and your users will stay happy.

3. Remove unnecessary steps from the checkout process

Once a customer is done shopping, they should be able to complete the purchase quickly. It’s a good thing to keep the checkout process as simple as possible. Cause you and your customers don’t want to get stuck in this crucial process.

Each unnecessary step in a checkout process increases the chances of a customer abandoning the purchase. The key is to always make sure you capture just the essential information from customers. Get the shipping address and billing information of your customers because these are the most important to process a transaction.

4. Do not force but encourage to create a profile

As I just mentioned, you need to make your customers feel comfy and let them go through the checkout process as quickly as possible. That’s why don’t ever try to force them to create an account. Rather, encourage them and let them know the benefits they are going to get if they have an account on your WooCommerce Store.

Also, let them know that they can go through the checkout process even faster in the future if they create and save information on your WooCommerce store account. Features and notices like this encourage the users to sign up and create accounts without putting much stress on them.

5. Give importance to SEO

Most of your customers will come to your WooCommerce store just by googling stuff if you prioritize more on SEO. And that is one of the most important ways to drive more customers to your site and eventually make more money of course!

If your online store doesn’t come up by googling products then those users will buy from one of your competitors instead. That’s why it’s so important to focus more on SEO.

Do everything you can to reach the top of search results related to whatever your store is selling.

6. Write more blog posts

Most customers do not visit an eCommerce site every day. The chances are that they will only visit once or twice a month when they need to buy something. Only regular customers will do this.

So, if you want to make them visit your site at least two times a week and build a great relationship then you need to add a blog section to your WooCommerce site. You will need to write posts related to your products and share them across all popular social media.

This helps to keep customers interested in your site and build a great relationship. It makes a reason for them to check out your site on a daily or weekly basis. Once they are on your site they’ll be more likely to buy something.

7. Send out emails to the subscribers

To make your site successful, you will need to grow an email list of users who buy often from your store. You will need to contact them regularly with special offers, promotions, and new and exciting products to drive more sales.

It is the perfect way to drive traffic on a regular basis and be more close to users. You can even offer incentives for shoppers to sign up for emails to build a lead list more quickly.

8. Add as many payment options as possible

Not everyone has Visa or Mastercard and that’s why you need as many payment options as possible. Even if they do it might not be their preferred payment method or that card might have reached the transaction limit.

Some payment methods also offer membership benefits and customers will also want to use them. Most of the credit card companies charge higher merchant transaction fees but, you still need to take cards like American Express and Discover.

Also, always keep the most popular payment methods like PayPal and Apple Pay. These will help your customers with instant payments and they won’t have to take extra burden while checkout.

9. Add an informative product description

Nothing can be sold with names only. Your products must contain informative descriptions. Make sure you avoid large blocks and text. Try to keep the descriptions simple, short, and to the point.

Always highlight the key benefits. There is no need to explain the history of a product or how it was made. If you do so, your customers will get annoyed for sure and it won’t drive sales.

Add bullet points to your descriptions. It helps the customers to scan through the description easily and search for the feature they are actually looking for.

10. Do not add unnecessary ads

Most of the eCommerce sites sell advertisement space to other brands for some extra cash. It is a good thing but can also harm your business if there are too many ads on your site.

The advertisement should not consume more than 25% on any page of your site. You can use sidebar ads more often and pop-up ads as little as possible. Also, don’t add too many ads between sections.

11. Easily accessible customer service

Customers will always have questions and problems and it is inevitable. Also, you can not expect that all transactions on your WooCommerce site will go smoothly.

If any of your customers face an issue, such as they might have an additional query about an item they are going to purchase or a refund for a product they have recently purchased. In any case, you should not keep them waiting for long.

You need to make sure that they get help as soon as possible. That’s why your WooCommerce site must have an easily available customer support option such as phone, email, or live chat. These methods will help to make your business more reliable to your customers.

Also, make sure your staff are friendly and trained to resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

12. Use high-quality product images

Customers do not get to touch or feel the products in an eCommerce store the same way they can in a physical store. They depend on pictures to have a sense of what they are buying.

That’s why you need to use multiple high-quality pictures taken from different angles of a product. This helps the users to view and evaluate the product properly before buying it.

13. Showcase customer reviews

Reviews and testimonials add more reliability to your products and brand. You should feature good reviews to gain more trust from your customers.

Try to have honest reviews of your customers. When a customer buys something, send them a follow-up notification or mail asking them to review the product they bought. Send this email after 3 days of purchase because by this time they have already used the product.

You can not expect good reviews from everyone. It is fine to have some bad reviews as well because a product can be both favorite or worthless to different customers. Do not feel depressed because of a few bad reviews. You should always think positively and try to improve your service every day.

The bright side of bad reviews is that they can show others the legitimacy and how trustworthy your site is. Just remember that an eCommerce site with 100% good reviews can feel like a scam website!

14. Provide free shipping

It is a simple and very effective business strategy. Because unexpected costs are also the reason behind the loss of sales and customers in your WooCommerce store.

To understand this strategy just think of yourself in the shoes of a customer. When you see a price on a store page but at checkout, there are additional charges such as shipping costs, you will feel disgusted and just cancel the purchase. That’s the same feeling your customers will have on your WooCommerce store if you charge them for shipping.

This added cost drives customers away. You can simply adjust the shipping cost with the product price so that your customers don’t face any additional costs at the checkout page.

15. Make your site fully responsive

There was a time when people used only computers or laptops to do online shopping. But now with the advancement of technology, people are more comfortable shopping with mobile devices. That’s why you need to make everyone have the same user experience while browsing your WooCommerce store.

You can not ignore all these mobile users at any cost. If you want to reach more users then making your site mobile-friendly would be a great step towards your store. It is also the ultimate way to enhance the consumer shopping experience.

Wrapping it up

It’s not an easy task to run an eCommerce website. You need to have much confidence and dedication to be successful.

Try to follow the tips shared above and I’m sure this will improve your chance of driving more sales and keep your customers coming back again and again. Just take a deep breath and implement these tips slowly.
You don’t need to rush and make changes overnight. Identify the changes that need to be made and prioritize the ones that you think are the most important.

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