Top 3 multivendor marketplace plugins for WooCommerce

Mar 10, 2024

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Top WooCommerce Multi-Vendor Plugins

There are several multivendor marketplace plugins available for WordPress and WooCommerce. This article discusses about 3 best multivendor plugins, their features and benefits which are very popular among the users.


According to, Dokan is the best multivendor plugins among all the other multivendor marketplace existing in WordPress which is exclusively powered by WooCommerce. “Dokan” comes with 8 languages. It has 20,000+ active installation and 190 5-star rating, which make them the topper of the list. The plugin is developed by Bangladeshi Company WeDevs. The product comes with lite and premium versions. The premium version definitely has all the features to make a full furnished multivendor e-commerce website.
As for the best plugins in the market, all we can say that 20,000+ users can’t be wrong.


Pricing Plans: “Dokan lite” is free and “Dokan pro” starts from $149/year

WC Marketplace

WC Marketplace is one of the best multivendor marketplace plugins existing in the plugins bazaar in WordPress which is also powered by WooCommerce. WC Marketplace is developed by WC Marketplace, The Grey Parrots. According to WordPress, WC Marketplace has 10,000+ active installations and 256 5-star ratings! That’s really an amazing figure. WC Marketplace have some unique features like vendor split order modules, class vendor transaction log, integrated refund module, better invoicing methods. And by the users who reviews the product they highly recommend this plugin specially for their customer support team, ease of use.

The best thing about WC Marketplace is, the plugin is totally free!

WC Vendors

WC Vendors is another multivendor marketplace in the list which is developed by WC Vendors. WC Vendors has 10,000+ active installations and 90 5-star rating. Like the other multivendor plugins, it offers free and pro version. Pro version offers several types commission type which is unique unlike the other plugins. WC Vendors comes with two different languages. By the product review it can be said that, the support team is very responsive and cordial with their users.


Price: there is a free version and several pro versions. Pro versions are $199- $599

That is all about the top 3 plugins popular in the market. This article is not sponsored, this is merely a personal statement in a descriptive manner. Before purchasing or using any of these products, one should really verify the products, see the reviews and ratings.

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