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WordPress vs Magento – which one is best for your e-Commerce store?

WordPress vs Magento

Choosing things among the best is the toughest things to do in our life, whether it’s Coke or Pepsi, KFC or McDonald’s, WordPress or Magento! Now, if you are going to create an e-commerce website, things can be very difficult when choosing what platform should you use to create/develop your site. Let us make it easier for you today. In this article, we are going to discuss about two strongest CMS (Content Management System), WordPress and Magento, their similarities, differences, functionalities and all others important things that might help you take your decision that which might the best platform to create your e-commerce website.

Intro/Similarities – first of all, both of these CMS (content management system), WordPress and Magento are created with php. There are several similarities between them which are,

  1. they are both CMS,
  2. they were created with the same programming language, php,
  3. both WordPress and Magento are open source
  4. free to use or download
  5. self-hosted
  6. vividly customizable
  7. both have great communities, so one can get any kind of help regarding any issue.

WordPress vs Magento – General Differences

Well, generally Magento was built with a mission to built only e-commerce platform. Just download it from their website, install it to your server and voila! Your admin panel is ready to serve you. It’s just that simple to create your e-commerce site. On the other hand, WordPress is a CMS which main target is to create mainly blog site. The procedure is the same as of Magento- download, install and start your blogging.

But the most interest part is, they have a vice-versa relation between themselves. E-commerce based CMS Magento can be used for blogging with some simple plugin and blogging based CMS WordPress can be used for e-commerce with several plugins such as WooCommerce.

Just to make you sure that, according to builtwith.com, WooCommerce covers 2.68 % of top 1 million e-commerce sites usage where Magento covers only 1.5%.

WordPress vs Magento -Technical Differences

From a development standpoint, Magento seems a bit tough for beginner because it is generally more advanced and complicated in some points. But if you work a little hard on Magento, it will not disappoint you and repay you a couple times over. And because of its complexity, you may need different server to run your site smoothly.

On the other hand, WordPress is so easy to use, beginners friendly, you might not need much programming knowledge to create a post to buy or sale product.  WordPress plugins Woo Commerce is too light, effective and efficient. So, it takes only little space on the disk and it loads is so quick on the servers.

WordPress vs Magento – Features Differences

As a dedicated e-commerce CMS, Magento have some features like –

  1. Multi-store capability
  2. Complex configurable products
  3. Multi language support
  4. Layer by layer navigation

Magento is an e-commerce platform only use for bigger perspective. Or easily you can say, if you want to create an e-commerce with hundreds of thousands of products, Magento is the best option for you. With a better hosting, Magento can handle thousands of products and order so easily.

You will get some of its features in WordPress too, but you might need to install different plugins for different features. Additionally, WordPress is a SEO friendly system, so you can get more hit in your site using WordPress based e-commerce platform. But WordPress based Woo Commerce are more suitable for small business/enterprise because the plugins might create functional problem handling big sites with thousands of products.

 WordPress vs Magento – Security Issues

As we know that Magento is a specially built to create e-commerce platform so it is a package fully reliable on its self, or you can say, it is not dependable on other plugins like WordPress. WordPress uses several plugins than Magento. So Magento has less vulnerability than WordPress.

Before you go, let’s look at the top 5 sites using WordPress

Facebook Newsroom

 Star Wars

BBC America

Sony Music



Top 5 sites using Magento

Coca Cola





Like everything in the world, WordPress and Magento, both have some lacking and some useful things too. There is a simple patch that can help your e-commerce or online shop with a rocket-speed. Which is, add your Magento store/shop with a WordPress blog. You can sale your product on Magento and write about your product details or potential in WordPress blog, it would bring more traffic to your site and most of all. You don’t have to be so choosy about which platform am I going to use, Magento or WordPress. Still confused? Flip a coin.


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