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Learn WordPress

If you’re keen to build your own website, I suggest you, start build your website with WordPress. Wondering why I suggest WordPress? See our previous blogs to see the significance of WordPress and we discussed on those blogs. You will be thrilled that’s for sure or I’ll give your money back. Satisfied?

Now let’s talk about some best resources for learning WordPress. As a beginner, you might get easily confused as I was once, that where should you began or from where you must start. Learning a new thing can be challenging but have patience. Once you get a step by step formulation to learn WordPress, it will become easy for you to understand things easily. Unlike another CMS, WordPress is the easiest platform to learn, that I can assure you. Enough talk, lets have a look on the online platforms that will definitely help you learn WordPress as they are the best resources available on the internet.

I have sorted them accordingly free to fare –

WordPress Codex

The best resources to learn WordPress is WordPress.org itself. Using WordPress is free, learning WordPress is free. They are doing such a good thing for the community, aren’t they? You must directly go to the URL – https://codex.wordpress.org/ . In this site you will find every documentation, information about WordPress basic, creating a new post, themes and plugins. They call it a living repository and an online manual for learning WordPress.


WP Beginner

You can guess by its name; WP beginner is an educational blog based only on WordPress or they only teach WordPress related subjects here. You can find the solutions about creating a WordPress blog or ecommerce site, WordPress SEO, WordPress security and errors etc. though it says it is beginner but you can also find critical issues here. By the way, all courses, tutorials, discussion and the video lectures are free here on WP Beginner.


WP 101

WP 101 covers only some specific topics about WordPress but those selective subjects they teach, they come in a very high quality, very elaborative. Learning WordPress here can be very efficient for the beginners. In order to see the tutorials, you have to purchase the membership for a year and the cost is very low for a year, starting from $19 only. Courses they offer are like – Gutenberg tutorials, WooCommerce tutorials, jetpack tutorials, ninja forms tutorials, yoast tutorials, mail poet tutorials and so many upcoming tutorials.


WP Sessions

WP sessions is community-based platform for advance or professional WordPress user. The members here are highly professional and dedicated to the WordPress community. Tutorials here are only submitted by members. WP Sessions offers premium services for their members like exclusive business tips, discounts, live broadcasting, offline excess etc. Memberships only started with $6 per month and only $56 per year.


Basically, udemy is an online learning portal offers variety of courses on different subjects and topics. Lecturers on the relevant subjects sell their classes on this platform or one can easily say, marketplace. You can learn WordPress on Udemy too. Its not free. It can take $10 up to 200$ per course, depends on the lecturers and the topics. Course types are actually on video format. Anyone from beginner to expert level individual can find their suitable topics here.

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