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5 Books on WordPress That You Must Add To Your Read List

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“There is no friend as loyal as a book”

-Ernest Hemingway

Books are the best of friends that the world could offer. Whether you’re from another line of work or from another dimension, a book is always the best source of knowledge. Reading a book will increase your knowledge, improves brain, memory and imagination and develop your skills.

For WordPress, there are hundreds of books available in the market. But it could make you confused about what book should you start with first. Relax! In this article, I’m going to suggest 5 books that might help you with your WordPress carrier.

Professional WordPress: Design and Development

As WordPress the most popular and fast-growing Content Management System in the contemporary world, this book shows an in-depth look on the internal system of WordPress. This book covers everything you need to learn about WordPress. Like –

  • Downloading and installing WordPress
  • Database management
  • Creating, managing, updating, categorizing content etc.
  • Creating a theme
  • Adding, managing, upgrading a theme
  • Develop a plugin
  • Adding and managing plugins
  • Exploring codes
  • Error handling and many more

This book is written by Hal Stern, David Damstra and Brad Williams. There are total 408 pages in this book. Every WordPress developer must have this book in their read list.

WordPress All-in-one for Dummies

Another great book with several editions. Yes, you can really tell by its name who are the targeted people of this book and you can really judge this book by its cover! Sounds amazing right? Now let’s talk about the inside of the book. The previous version of this book was only about blogging but this book says many more. In this book you’ll find about the basic instruction for beginners (in their words- dummies) like

  • WordPress basics
  • Themes & plugin development
  • Social media integration and SEO
  • Using multi-sites
  • WordPress security issues etc.

Lisa Sabin-Wilson is the veteran authors of this book along with other co-authors. The book has 912 pages separated with 8 mini books.

WordPress: The Missing Manual

This is another famous and popular book on WordPress, WordPress: The Missing Manual. Like the other books, it also expressed the outline of using WordPress, properly. Along with creating a site with WordPress, developing the site and the other things, the Author gave his importance more on attractiveness and uniqueness or the vice versa. This book shows how to attract the audience by tuning up your websites content and analyze the traffic of the site. The author has also given importance on sites responsiveness and customizing the content to make the website unique.

Matthew McDonald is a science and technology writer the author of many books like HTML 5: The missing manual, your brain: the missing manual, your body: the missing manual. Looks like, “The Missing Manual” has become the trademark of Mr. McDonald.

WordPress To Go – How To Build A WordPress Website On Your Own Domain, From Scratch, Even If You Are A Complete Beginner

This book is special for the small business who wants to create their website on their own from scratch, without having any technical knowledge. In this book, anyone can learn something special like –

  • Registering their own domain and hosting.
  • Installing WordPress with some simple clicks.
  • Creating an e-commerce site with less efforts.
  • Use of themes, plugins etc.

The book is written by Sarah McHarry in 2013.

WordPress: Pushing the Limits

This book is ideal for them who wants build their career with WordPress. The Author, Rachel McCollin his experience about how to use WordPress for bigger project, how to lead a team and work with clients. This book also shows how to work with HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript in WordPress.

When it comes to learning technology, people always go for digital content. Maybe that’s easy and updated but a book usually reliable and authentic.

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