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7 essential plugins for any WordPress site

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Essential Plugins for a WordPress Site

More than 50,000+ plugins exist in the WordPress repository. Plugins are developed to improve the functionality of a website. Different types of plugins solve different types of problems. Plugins are not complicated like themes. Each plugin is completely different from the others by name, functionality, problem-solving criteria, etc. You might find 2 or more plugins for the same problem but still, you will not find it so difficult to choose the right plugin.

You can easily use a WordPress website without any plugin but it will be merely a standard. To run it smoother, and more functional to some extent you’ll need some plugins. In this article, we will discuss some basic or essential plugins to create a functional and standard WordPress website.

Contact Form 7

You can tell it by the name what it does. Yes, Contact Form 7 basically used to create and manage multiple contact forms on your site. Contact form is essential whether you’re a blogger or an e-commerce site owner. People may need to contact you at some point. The form also supports AJAX-powered submission, CAPTCHA, etc. This exclusive plugin was developed by Takayuki Miyoshi.


Yoast is called the number 1 SEO plugin existing in the market. Every website that is built with WordPress, from the little ones to the multi-millionaire money-making websites uses Yoast for their SEO tools. It needs no further admiration as it precedes its reputation itself. Currently, Yoast has more than 5 million active installations. Yoast is one of the original WordPress plugins since 2008. You can use this plugin without any hesitation. This plugin was developed by the Yoast Team.

Akismet Anti-spam

Nowadays, security is a major concern in the internet world. Akismet Anti-Spam can save your website from spamming. After installing this plugin to your website, every comment every form submission will have to go through their global database to check if the comment or submission is spam or not. This will keep your site from being affected by malicious content. The creator of this plugin and the savior of your website happens to be the mother of WordPress, Automattic.

Classic Editor

It is where you write all your posts. It is the easiest, simple, and obviously the ‘classic’ editor exists. This editor/plugin has some special features like

  • Admin can choose the default editor for all users.
  • Admin can allow the user to choose their default editor.
  • User to-user privacy option is enabled.

And much more.

This is an official WordPress plugin developed and maintained by the WordPress Contributors.


Jetpack is the shield that guards the realm of WordPress from any kind of attack like malware, spamming, unauthorized login even brute force attacks. If you want security, performance, and maintenance of your site with a single plugin, Jetpack is the only solution to it. Needless to say, this powerful plugin was developed by Automattic.


There is no person alive, who hasn’t heard the name of WooCommerce in this industry. This is the most popular, most downloaded e-commerce plugin in the e-commerce history. Install this plugin and you’re good to go sell your product online in a minute. It has all the features needed to set up an e-commerce store. The easiest, most convenient, all-in-one e-commerce plugin is developed by Automattic.

Monster Insights

Monster Insight is the best Google Analytics plugin developed be Monster Insight itself. If you know where and how your visitors come and interact with your website, it would help you make decisions to develop your business. It is both easy and powerful and another essential plugin to grow your business. It shows only the real stats of your site.

However, you will find thousands of plugins in but these plugins are the basic.

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