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Best LMS Plugins for WordPress – 2022

Learning Management Systems (LMS) brought a revolutionary change in the way of education and learning. Anyone can learn from anywhere with the help of LMS. Learning Management Systems come in various forms. They can be CMS based, cloud-based, or even both!

WordPress has become the leading and most popular CMS in the past decade. Anyone can create a website using WordPress by following some simple steps. The simplicity of WordPress attracted most creators, teachers, and institutes to get adopted creating teaching online. They know how easy it is to create and manage an online learning platform with WordPress.

WordPress LMS plugins made it possible to create an eLearning platform without any coding. It is so easy to install and set up that the creators and teachers feel confident running their own learning platform with these plugins. That’s why more WordPress-based LMS plugins are emerging with advanced scalability and usability options.

You might get lost searching for the best WordPress LMS plugin for your platform. Worry no more as we have filtered out the top WordPress LMS plugins suitable for teaching online. In this blog post, we will share the list of top WordPress LMS plugins, discuss their features, pricing, and show you where to get these fantastic plugins.


List of top WordPress LMS plugins


The list of top LMS WordPress plugins is done based on the plugin’s scalability, features, compatibility, usability, pricing, and other factors. The top WordPress LMS plugins include –

  1. Learndash
  2. CoSchool
  3. LearnPress
  4. Masterstudy LMS
  5. Lifter LMS


learndash LMS
LearnDash LMS

1. LearnDash


LearnDash is the most popular LMS plugin out there. This LMS plugin is used by many companies and major universities because of its processing speed, feature set, and impressive course components. Leardash has almost all the features to start an online learning platform. This WordPress LMS plugin is easy to use and has many powerful tools to meet users’ needs.

LearnDash has tools for content dripping, selling courses, rewarding learners, and activating triggers based on actions. This LMS plugin has a simple drag-and-drop course builder that you create courses with lessons, topics, quizzes, and categories. You can offer all your lessons at once or schedule them with its Drip-Feed content feature.

You can give assignments to the students, set deadlines, and approve comments using LearnDash. Create quizzes with multiple question types. You can set prerequisites for the lessons and create course-specific forums where your students can interact with each other.

This LMS plugin lets you monetize your eLearning platform with subscriptions, one-time purchases, and membership plans. LearnDash enables you to take payments using multiple payment gateways including PayPal, Stripe, and 2Checkout. It also has integration with bbPress, WordPress eCommerce plugins, and membership plugins like MemberPress.


The price starts at $159 with a license for one year. Also, you will have the privilege of a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can get the plugin by subscribing to any of LearnDash’s plans on their official website. Also, the website has more details with infographics and videos of the features.


CoSchool LMS
CoSchool LMS

2. CoSchool


CoSchool WordPress LMS plugin helps universities, schools, educators, and creators maintain the integrity of their educational programs online. You can effectively and efficiently create a professional online learning platform on any WordPress website. This LMS plugin is a complete suite for creating an online learning platform. It has all the necessary tools to create, manage, and sell courses online. This LMS plugin doesn’t require any coding knowledge to build and scale a learning platform on a WordPress website.

It has tools to create dynamic courses, chapters, lessons, quizzes, assignments, and a handful of functionalities to create a feature-rich educational website. This WordPress LMS plugin lets its users launch their online learning for free with the core plugin available at

The free version of CoSchool LMS includes dynamic course management, lesson creation, quiz maker, coupons with multiple conditions, customizable emails, a built-in cart system, an interactive student dashboard, a student management system, enrollment management, transaction history with all the necessary details, and detailed reports & graphs

You can further extend the features and functionalities of your eLearning platform using the powerful add-ons of CoSchool. The add-ons include –

The developers of this LMS plugin are actively working to bring more integrations and add-ons to its users. Also, they have great support to assist users with any type of query and help using CoSchool.


You can get all the add-ons with a single license starting at $149.99 per year with priority support and a 14-day money-back guarantee. Also, you can get the add-ons individually from their website. They have a fully functional live demo website to give you the experience of the full potential of CoSchool.


LearnPress LMS
LearnPress LMS


3. LearnPress


LearnPress WordPress LMS Plugin can be used to easily create & sell courses online. It lets you create a course curriculum with lessons & quizzes and can be managed with an easy-to-use interface for users. This WordPress LMS Plugin can be used to quickly and easily create eLearning platforms and online schools without any coding knowledge.

With this LMS plugin, you can create courses, share them, manage them, and watch statistics about the number of students, trends, etc. You will be able to export and import courses on a different websites and sell courses using PayPal, WooCommerce, Stripe, etc. Also, you can communicate with your students using BuddyPress integration.

The free add-ons of LearnPress can add extra features to your online learning platform with options for export-import, course review, wishlist, prerequisites for courses, bbPress integration, BuddyPress integration, offline payment, fill in blank question type.

The premium add-ons include assignments, myCRED integration, drag and drop certificate builder, co-instructor, course collections, content drip, sorting choices question type, commission management system, etc. Also, you can sell courses using their premium add-on for Stripe, 2Checkout,, WooCommerce, and Paid Membership Pro.



Although the basic version of Learnpress is free, you can get the premium add-ons in a bundle at $249.99 with a single site license.


MasterStudy LMS
MasterStudy LMS


4. Masterstudy LMS


Masterstudy LMS can help you create online courses and provide online interactive learning & tutoring services on a WordPress website with ease. It has essential features for managing courses, quizzes, and educational content on an online learning platform. You can sell your courses, create lessons, and deliver online education services using the professional tools of Masterstudy LMS.

This WordPress LMS plugin has user-friendly tools and features. You will get a powerful admin panel, a messaging system, options for posting quizzes, and space for course announcements. Masterstudy LMS gives you the ability to create interactive lessons with videos, graphs, images, slides, and other types of attachments. You can use the course builder to add lessons to the course and add multiple sections to each lesson.

The visitors of your learning website will be able to see the available courses, add them to the shopping cart, and select them for purchase. Also, they can add their favorite courses to the wishlist for purchasing them at a later date.

Masterstudy LMS shortcodes for elements like search box, course carousel, courses categories, courses grid, featured teacher, instructors carousel, recent courses, and single course carousel in the free version of the plugin.

The premium version of MasterStudy WordPress LMS includes add-ons for

  • Statistics and payouts
  • Udemy Importer
  • Prerequisites
  • Online Testing
  • Trial courses
  • Drip Content
  • Co-instructors
  • Point System
  • Assignments
  • Gradebook
  • Group Courses
  • Email Manager
  • Course Bundles
  • Google Classrooms
  • Certificates
  • LMS Forms Editor
  • File Upload Manager

Masterstudy LMS can help to create an online learning platform with a simple yet eye-catching design.


The pricing of Masterstudy LMS starts at $84.99 for one year license. You can get more pricing on their official website.


Lifter LMS
Lifter LMS


5. Lifter LMS


LifterLMS is another WordPress LMS plugin that can let you create, sell, and protect online courses on your online learning platform. This plugin can be used using popular page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, Divi, Gutenberg, etc. It also integrates with other popular plugins like Affiliate WP, Monster Insights, WP Fusion, GamiPress, Astra Pro, the Course Scheduler, etc.

This WordPress LMS plugin can help you sell your courses with credit card payments, PayPal, and Stripe. Also, you can sell the courses with one-time payments, recurring payments, custom payment plans, subscriptions, and bundles. This plugin lets you market your courses using private coaching upsells, course and membership coupons, bulk courses, membership sales, and affiliation.

Lifter LMS also has native course and membership sales pages, offline course and membership sales, customizable course, and membership enrollment, an eCommerce dashboard, subscription switching, payment switching, and native Zapier integration.


The free version of Lifter LMS is available on They let you try the premium features for 30 days but you will have to pay $1. You can also get all the premium features starting at $149 per year and explore other plans on the official Lifter LMS website.


Last Words

these 5 LMS plugins offer different features and functionalities to cater to the varying needs of different online course creators. When choosing a plugin, consider your budget, course requirements, and technical expertise. With the right LMS plugin, you can create a seamless and engaging learning experience for your students and grow your online course business.

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