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Just Lunched CoDesigner Modules – Now turn your WooCommerce Store Into a better sales machine.

LED Fire Tree


  • 36 LED Fire Tree Lamp.
  • Product Type: Fire Tree Lamp.
  • Weight: 500gm.
  • The LED copper wire string lights power consumption is very low.
  • So, you can rest assured that using it for a long time, the LED lights will not heat.
  • This artificial tree light is perfect for using it in your bedroom and table.
  • Aesthetic LED Shape
  • The artificial tree lamp comes with a beautiful gift box. I believe your friends will love it. It is very suitable for atmosphere decoration.
  • This pearl LED tree light is definitely your ideal holiday decoration light.
  • Bonsai style design, natural tree shape will add vitality to your home.
  • The branches can be bent to easily adjust the shape of the tree, making it an ideal natural tree shape.
  • Flexible branches can meet your DIY needs.
  • For different festivals, you can bend the branches into any shape you like


SKU: desk-3-1


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