Coupons are an efficient and affordable way to get new people on your learning platform. It’s a great way to attract newbies and promoting of your courses. A lot of people may want to try your courses, just not at full price. If they love it, paying the full price down the road won’t be a big deal for your students.


Boost Brand Awareness

CoSchool lets you create coupons to enroll more students in your eLearning platform. It is a great marketing tool to get the attention of the targeted audience. Attractive coupons at discounted prices will also help to increase overall revenue and boost brand awareness.

Various Coupon Conditions

As an admin, you will also see a separate menu on the dashboard with instructor details. The instructor’s menu includes instructor name, email, created courses, commission amount, total earning, joining date, and actions to edit or block an instructor.

Various Coupon Conditions