Different ways to make money with WordPress

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Hello WordPress People. As a beginner WordPress developer, I know you are feeling restless to know how people make money with WordPress even though it is free. In this article, we will discuss how you can earn from your WordPress.

People earn money in a million ways. We are talking about the legal ones only. No scam or No quick rich formula; just a legit way to make yourself beneficiary from the WordPress community. It is work, not so hard but gradually, technically, and with some patience, you will get what you wanted. Consistency and patience are the keys to success in every line of work; WordPress is not any different from that. So, sit tight and listen to what I tell you about making money with WordPress.

To make you a little more comfortable and interested, let me tell you again that, WordPress already powers 34% of the web. That is one-third of the web! So mathematically, if you are working with WordPress, you are integrating with that one-third of the web. If you’re not still getting the picture, let me break it to you. Let’s pretend you are a WordPress Theme developer and with a little hard work and creativity, you developed a stunning theme. And then you put a price and publish it to sell that product. One-third of the web will be crushing on you and in your sleep, you will be making money.

Now enough with mathematics, let me give you some ideas about how you can make money using your own WordPress site.

WordPress Setup service

if you are a beginner WordPress developer, do not have much technical skills about WordPress but still want to earn a little bit of money through WordPress, this is the easiest service that you can give to anyone. You can give this service to a fresher WordPress developer or to someone who haven’t got the time to download, install and setup a simple WordPress site or blog. It won’t be a much of earning but it’ll do good for you, I hope.

Content/Article writing

after you create WordPress site from scratch, content or article writing is the very next task to do. If you have the writing skills, you can offer someone this service too. WordPress CMS is actually more suitable for blogging. So, most of the WordPress sites will be blogging site that you can be sure of. So, having this writing skill will treat you well that’s for sure.

Theme Development

are you a born artist? Can you turn anything into something special in artistic, aesthetic way? If yes, you should definitely try and develop themes for WordPress. So many people have just become a millionaire over a few periods of time only by creating an outstanding theme. People always go for beauty first, then the functionality part’s come. By developing a wonderful WordPress theme, you can really earn a handsome amount of money regularly.

Plugins Development

to be a plugins developer, you need to be extremely fascinated with solving problems. Maybe WordPress is free, but if you need more or reduced functionality into your site, you really need a plugin to help you up. Suppose, our share logins pro is really a useful plugin for who runs multiple WordPress site. Multiple site means multiple login credentials, that leads to login to your sites individually. Using Share logins pro can really help you with this problem and others. You only need to log in one site only, other sites will be logged automatically. And the plugin has free and premium versions. So, if you’re up problem solving and finding solution, plugins development can really make you millionaire.

WordPress Consultancy

if you are expert WordPress developer, you can consult others to make an efficient WordPress site. You can develop customize plugins, themes for your clients or help them grow their business. This type of job is actually the big money-huge time project.

Develop your own WordPress site

if you are not up for the things I explained just now, you can develop your own WordPress site, grow your business on your own. Either it could be a blogging site about anything (i.e. photography, technology etc.), WordPress tutorial site or an ecommerce site. Opening an ecommerce site is a popular idea now a days. If you understand business, who knows, you can be the next billionaire like Jack Ma.

Monetize your site

whatever the type of your site is, you can always generate a passive income from it. You can start affiliate marketing with other bigshot websites like amazon or use google adSense to show ad on your website from where you can make money.

Yes, that’s about it. I have only explained the major ways of making money from your WordPress site. There are thousands of ways you can actually apply but it is you who have to choose from all of them. Use your brain, follow your mind and be passionate of what you do. WordPress can do much more than you think.

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