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Add WooCommerce Elementor Product Filter – A Step by Step Guide

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Customize WooCommerce Product FIlter

When it comes to streamlining the buying journey, a well-placed product filter is really crucial. Customers feel compelled to make repeated purchases if they can find exactly what they need with a few simple clicks. 

However, designing your product filter depends on your audience’s preferences, your product attributes, and their pricing. Once you narrow down these criteria, crafting a perfectly optimized product filter depends on the WordPress plugins you are using. 

While the Elementor product filters can quickly get the basics done, customizing it to your brand includes a few extra steps. This guide will give you a step-by-step on how to create and customize the WooCommerce product filter for Elementor, according to your website demands. 

Add WooCommerce Elementor Horizontal Product Filter

You can add and edit a horizontal section with WooCommerce product filter plugins for Elementor. Use CoDesigner to get detailed design options for product filters. Here’s a step-by-step on how to add and design a horizontal product filter for Elementor using CoDesigner – 

Step 1: Add Filter Horizontal 

Go to your WordPress dashboard, locate your shop page, and click on “Edit with Elementor”. 

Edit with Elementor

Once on the editing page, create a container and select a structure for that section. Click on the plus (+) button to add a new structure. 

Find your CoDesigner filters by searching for widgets in the “elements” section on the Elementor editor. Add the “Filter Horizontal” of CoDesigner. 

Add Filter Horizontal 

Step 2: Edit Content

With CoDesigner, you’re given all the necessary sections to edit your filters. In the content section, you can add new features, customize each title, and include a price range. 

Edit Content

Step 3: Edit Style 

Editing filter style is much more convenient and comprehensive with CoDesigner. You can design the typography, color, icon, and border to match your brand. 

Edit Style

Step 4: Advanced Options 

Go to the advanced section to add effects and attributes to personalize your filters further. 

Advanced Option

You can add motion effects, border changes, mobile/tablet/desktop responsiveness, and much more. 

Step 5: Update and Save 

Click “update” to check the preview and if you’re happy with the results then simply save to apply those changes. 

Save and Update

Add Elementor Vertical Product Filter WooCommerce

While the default vertical product filter option for Elementor might get the job done, CoDesigner offers complete design control over all the elements for your filters. 

Here’s how to add and design a WooCommerce vertical product filter for Elementor –

Step 1: Add Filter Vertical 

Head to your WordPress dashboard and find your Shop Page. Choose “Edit with Elementor” to start editing. In the Elementor editor, make a new container by selecting a structure for it. 

Press the plus (+) icon to pick a structure, and make sure to include a structure with two columns

Select your column

Look for CoDesigner filters in the “elements” area of the Elementor editor. Add a shop on your preferred column, and drag the “Filter Vertical” widget from CoDesigner to the other one for easy editing.

Drag and drop Filter Vertical

Step 2: Add Content and Style 

Similar to horizontal filters, you can add new filters, and edit current ones via the content and style sections. CoDesigner gives you a pre-set list of filter content for you to edit. 

But unlike Filter Horizontal, Filter Verticle comes with an “Auto Filter” mode, which lets the customer find filtered products without clicking “Apply”. 

Add content and style

Note: This option can be further enhanced with the AJAX filter, which shows customers filtered products without reloading the page. 

Step 3: Advanced Options 

As you did in the horizontal filter, you can add advanced effects and attributes to personalize your filter further here too. You can edit both mobile and desktop versions via the advanced section. 

Step 4: Update and Save 

You can check the preview for your filter design by clicking on “Update”, and once you’re happy with your output, save the changes to apply to your site. 

CoDesigner’s Advanced Product Filter for Elementor

You can apply the same method to set up the advanced product filter as the vertical product filter. While the steps may be the same, there are a few added features that can improve the buying experience. 

These features include product reviews, which lets you select products based on their average star rating, and a custom taxonomy list which generates a list of subtopics that belong to a specific group. 

CoDesigner’s Advanced Product Filter for Elementor

If you have the CoDesigner plugin set up, you can easily find these features by following the steps outlined above. 

Wrapping Up 

A well-placed and nicely designed product filter can improve the buying journey significantly. When customers quickly find the items they need alongside other related products, they’ll feel encouraged to browse your shop for longer and make repeated purchases. 

Get CoDesigner Pro to easily create and carefully craft your ideal product filter for your WooCommerce website in minutes! 

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