Things to consider when selecting or buying a WordPress theme

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If someone asked you to choose one from two variances, choosing would be so easy from those two. It would still be easier to choose one from five, six, or ten variances. But selecting or choosing one from thousands of variances or products would be the toughest job on the planet. So, you need to be careful and exact about what you are buying and if the product fulfills your demands or not.

There are a few things you should consider when buying a premium theme or selecting a free one. Like

  • Design
  • Responsiveness
  • Compatibility
  • Customization
  • Pricing
  • User ratings and reviews

Let’s talk about them briefly for better understanding.


design is the most important thing to think about when purchasing or selecting them. The expression or outlook of your website is solely depending on it. Design is the reflection of your taste. If you install a theme with a superior, outstanding outlook, it is highly likely that a unique visitor to your website won’t close that tab for a while. Rather, he will stay and look forward to your website. A unique design can attract your visitors like bees to the flower.

When you choose your theme, make sure that your theme doesn’t contain too much color variation, complex layouts or animation. Try to keep things simple because

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

-Leonardo de Vinci


People use several types of devices and the variation of devices is increasing day by day. Like- smartphones, laptops, desktops, iPads, tabs, etc. Different kind of device has different types of screen. So, the theme you are buying or selecting must be responsive or fit with every type of screen size. Unless you want to drop your market value to zero.

buying a WordPress theme


Compatibility in WordPress themes can mean many things like browser compatibility, plugin compatibility, etc. Different users use different browsers. Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Opera are the popular ones. You really need to check if your themes run smoothly in all the browsers. So, your user doesn’t have to claim that some images or links are broken on their browser.

On the other hand, WordPress plugins are the special features that execute the functionality of your WordPress site. So, you really need to make sure that the plugins work properly with your browser.


Customization lets you change the color, fonts, layouts, etc. You have to make sure that your plugins let you do all kinds of customization you prefer. There is a plugin named ‘Page Builder’. You can create a new layout using drag and drop. Some premium theme comes with ‘page builder’ pre-installed. That will definitely help you a lot.


There are so many free themes existing in the market. You can buy a premium theme for premium features. But make sure that it doesn’t cross your budget or the theme is worthy of your money. Let’s say, you bought a theme that didn’t fulfill your demand at last, you should ask for a refund. Most of the theme developers offer a money-back guarantee. Some theme comes with a bundle of themes along with hosting, domain, etc. So, you be careful about what you really want.

User Rating and Reviews

The best way to decide what themes to choose or select is to see or read the comments, reviews and ratings of those themes. You can be over 90% sure whether it is good or fake by checking the ratings and reviews. And can also purchase a theme according to its popularity or how many times it was downloaded.

In my opinion, these are the usual things to consider when buying a theme. There are several minor things like multi-language support, built-in social media plugins, SEO friendly, etc. You can consider them too if you think them necessary.

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