Create a beautiful wishlist for your WooCommerce store

A wishlist is an E-Commerce feature that enables shoppers to create the desired list of products they want to buy and save them in their user account for future reference. This improves the customer’s shopping experience and this is similar to bookmarking.

E-Commerce store owners can analyze the effectiveness of their overall marketing efforts by tracking which items end up in the customers’ wish lists. This way they can easily identify the current trends and improve their trading techniques.

Customers can save valuable time by adding their desired products to a wishlist and purchase it at a later time.

WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin provides these functionalities by allowing users to add and manage their favorite products in their wishlist.



Features of  Wishlist by CoDesigner

  • Add products to Wishlist from the product page.
  • Add and fully customize the wishlist on any page.
  • Design your wishlist with any color combination you want
  • You can add all the necessary layouts to the wishlist
  • Manage the wishlist from my account page.
  • Works seamlessly with WooCommerce 4.0.0.

Here’s a demo page representing sets of fully customizable wishlists made with CoDesigner.

Importance of Wishlists

While strolling around a shopping mall or street you must have seen things that you wished to buy so badly but couldn’t because you were short of money or something else. What do you do then? You make a mental note to yourself to remind you to buy it later. But if you are visiting an online shopping store you have a better way to deal with it by creating wishlists.

If you own a WordPress / WooCommerce store, CoDesigner can easily enable the wishlist feature for you. It does a lot more than just creating a list. You can design the wishlist any way you want. Although the wishlist appears to be a feature that helps customers to purchase comfortably, it also helps the store owner in more ways.



Steps to create a wishlist using CoDesigner –

Please follow the steps below to create a new Wishlist page with CoDesigner –

1. At first, create a new page and edit it with Elementor.



2. Now add the WC Designer wishlist widget in a new section of the page.



3. After customizing the wishlist page make sure to publish the page.



4. Now that you have a wishlist page, you need to make it visible to your users by either adding it to the main menu or creating a button and linking the wishlist page to it.



Benefits of using wishlist for your store

  • Manage stock – wishlists help the store admin to anticipate the stock level.
  • To promote an item – the data about who is saving the wishlist item helps to promote an item which in turn helps in sales of that particular item.
  • Customize marketing campaign – data derived from wishlists help customize your marketing campaign. This way you can promote a certain product or appeal to a certain group of individuals in a particular area.
  • Fewer returns – wishlists include products that the customers really want. Because they gave enough time to take the decision to purchase the product by putting it on the wishlist. And returns will be very less compared to an instant purchase.
  • Increases sales – persuading potential customers to purchase by providing discounts and offers on the items of their wishlist will increase the sales revenue.
  • A wishlist is the best way to know your customer’s likes and dislikes and keep them attracted to your store forever. A timely analysis of wishlists and putting those conclusions to develop marketing strategies will help in the growth of your business.


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