CoDesigner user reviews and why people love this plugin (2024)

Mar 10, 2024

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CoDesigner (formerly Woolementor) has been getting great responses and user reviews since its release. As this WordPress plugin has been helping people to create an online business without having any coding knowledge. It is the most advanced WooCommerce-Elmenetor addon out there for WordPress users. That being said, CoDesigner can help you create beautiful shop pages, single product pages, pricing tables, product comparison pages, cart, checkout pages, and much more without hiring any developer. You can even get rid of the backdated WooCommerce cart and checkout page using this plugin.

23,000+ websites are being powered by CoDesigner to date. Most of these website owners love this plugin because of its fantastic features, eye-catching designs, super active support, and unlimited customization options. We received over 100 5-star positive reviews on and hundreds of compliments via emails, support threads, our official Facebook page, and support tickets.

In this blog post, I will share the top CoDesigner (formerly Woolementor) user reviews and the story behind these reviews. These reviews are based on various features of CoDesigner such as widgets design, customization options, shop, filter, pricing table, product data tabs, checkout widgets, etc.

CoDesigner user review on shop and checkout widgets

Great plugin, even beter service!
Great plugin, even beter service!lukazijp Read More

Woolementor makes it possible to combine the much-needed Elementor and Woocommerce implementations. You can easily design the complete shopping pages but even more important the checkout pages. I’ve had some questions and the customer support was very helpful in the live chat and they have solved the problem really fast!

Like Luka said Codesigner makes it possible to customize all the aspects of a WooCommerce store. He used the shop and checkout widgets on his website and was amazed by the vast customization options of these widgets. After facing some difficulty on the checkout, he raised a ticket on our system. One of our support team members quickly checked his site and found out that he didn’t place the widgets properly on the checkout page. The support agent described the issue to Luka and configured the page properly for him within a few minutes. That’s how he got impressed to see how fast our support team attends to every user’s confusion and difficulties. The specialization of the support team is they prioritize and attends to every message and ticket whether it is from a free or premium user.

CoDesigner user review on its design

A must-have for Woocommerce
A must-have for Woocommerceoussat Read More

If you want to stand out with your store design from the others, and don’t know any coding, this plugin is a MUST, great plugin, easy to use, well designed, and very flexible, definitely recommend it!
Oh, and ofc; great and lovely support to help you with any questions you have in mind!
Woolementor? highly recommend!

Here you can see in the CoDesigner user review from @oussat. He was really happy to have CoDesigner when there was no relevant WooCommerce-Elementor plugin more than 1 year back (the name of our plugin was Woolementor at that time). After finding CoDesigner he used it on his WooCommerce website. He then sought help with how to design a new shop page with our widget and set it as the default WooCommerce shop page. Our friendly support team responded to him quickly on the following day. They showed him the process via screen recording which contained the steps to create a shop page using CoDesigner shop widgets and how to set it up as the default shop page on his website.

CoDesigner user review on the filter, pricing table, and checkout widgets

Improved the look and feel of my site immensely
Improved the look and feel of my site immenselyScott Read More

I spent a bit of time searching for the best way to improve the look and feel of the commerce section of my site. After looking over (the newly renamed) WC Designer and reading the reviews, I put the money in for it. One of the best investments I’ve made on the site. From the filter to the pricing table and to the checkout features, I could not be more pleased with the style and functionality and the seamless integration. Works absolutely perfect within my site and flawlessly with my existing plugins.
And I’ve had nothing but personal and helpful interactions with support. Without a doubt, this was one of the better investments I’ve made on my site.

CoDesigner (formerly Woolementor) helped Scott to improve the design of his WooCommerce website. He is one of the many loyal customers who has been using CoDesigner for over a year. He liked the free version of CoDesigner so much that he didn’t think twice before upgrading to a premium plan. As he mentioned in the review he liked all the features this plugin has to offer including the filter to the pricing table and to the checkout features. Besides using the plugin he is also pleased with our support interactions. The support team helped clear all the doubt he had and then he wrote the review with happiness and gratitude towards the team. Our support team treats all the users with super priority as they did with Scott. Also, I can assure you that they will try their best to solve any confusion or difficulty you face using the plugin.

CoDesigner user review on product data tabs

I can’t express the happy tears I have
I can’t express the happy tears I havegraciewalters Read More

I had an issue with a client’s site product data tabs not showing correctly using the hello elementor and woocommerce widgets. I tried 6 other plugins… I thought I was doomed to exam code all night. Decided to give this plugin a shot… the free version and OMG Thank you!!!! It worked better than I even imagined!!!!
And I’ve had nothing but personal and helpful interactions with support. Without a doubt, this was one of the better investments I’ve made on my site.

This CoDesigner (formerly Woolementor) user review is about product data tabs. Product data tabs can help you display various information about a product of the WooCommerce store in a simplified way as it helped Gracie. She used 6 other plugins for this specific feature on her client’s website, but none fit her needs except CoDesigner. The plugin helped her create product data tabs without writing any code and saved the project from getting out of her hands. She was so impressed with our plugin that later she upgraded to a premium plan of CoDesigner.

CoDesigner user review on shop widgets

A must-have for Woocommerce
A must-have for Woocommerceaamuisa Read More

With Woolementor Pro -plugin for the visual Elementor (wysiwyg) -editor, it is easy to create personalized Checkout -page and other shop pages without a single line of code.

One of the most popular things WooCommerce store owners love about CoDesigner (formerly Woolementor) is the checkout widgets and so much control that comes with them. That’s why there are a lot of CoDesigner user reviews on the checkout widgets. That being said, these widgets have the power to change the look of any WooCommerce checkout page completely. One of our happy CoDesigner users @aamuisa is also very happy to find so many customization options to create a personalized WooCommerce checkout page. She also liked our shop pages and was impressed how CoDesigner made it easy to do so many things on a WooCommerce store without writing a single line of code.

CoDesigner user review on checkout widgets and support

Excellent Support
Excellent Supportkayacrafts Read More

I had a problem setting up my checkout page and made contact with the Woolementor staff via their Facebook page to ask for assistance. They not only replied in a timely manner but were extremely helpful and over-delivered. Thank you so much for the great product and the great support that goes with it.

This CoDesigner (formerly Woolementor) user also was confused about how to set up the checkout page on his WooCommerce store. He sent a message on our Facebook for assistance. One of our support team members quickly replied to him and asked him if he had gone through our blog post on creating and setting up a checkout page on a WooCommerce store using CoDesigner. Although @kayacrafts followed the blog post, our support agent accessed the site with the provided credentials to check the website. He found out that the new checkout page was not set on WooCommerce settings and set it properly. Then he described the missed step to @kayacrafts and the issue was solved within minutes! That’s how he got impressed with our support promptness and wrote the review on

CoDesigner user review on customization options

Finally every Woo detail in one place
Finally every Woo detail in one placeWeirdPress Read More

WC Design Pro is the best tool to customize every detail on every woocommerce page I found using Elementor.
I can control all the things I know buying stuff online that are necessary to go through. Shop, account, check out… in details.
The plugin offers more woo widgets than any other I tried before.
Works flawlessly with other plugins.
I hope WC Design stays alive giving even more customisation options for users.
Thanks 👍

By this time, you already how CoDesigner (formerly Woolementor) is recognized for its handy widgets, UI, and customization options. CoDesigner user review by @Weirdpress reflects all these aspects. He tried other WooCommerce-Elementor plugins but didn’t find a complete solution like CoDesigner. That’s what exactly our goal is. We want you to create and grow your online business with a complete solution – CoDesigner. Don’t waste your time or make your website laggy by using too many plugins for each functionality.

Wrapping it up

Haven’t tried CoDesigner yet! You should definitely try our free version and when you feel like upgrading to a premium plan check out all the widgets using the live demo too. We have flexible pricing for everyone from individuals to agencies. So, what are you waiting for? Try Codesigner today!

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