CoDesigner Vs ShopEngine (Which one is the best Elementor Add-on in 2024)

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Better designs make the website more appealing. An appealing WordPress website can convert visitors into customers. So, having a more visually appealing website is essential. Now the question may arise which WordPress add-on can help make our website appealing to our visitors?

In this blog post, we’ll explore two well-known WordPress Elementor add-ons, CoDesigner and ShopEngine. Also their unique features and functionalities.

We’ll also try to determine which WordPress add-on has the most potential. Also how these add-ons can assist in developing your desired website.

CoDesigner vs ShopEngine-Which one is the Best

CoDesigner is known as one of the top Elementor add-ons for WooCommerce. With this exclusive add-on, you can customize any WoCommerce page including a single product page, cart page, checkout page, product comparison functionality, wishlists, and WooCommerce Order emails. This plugin has been on the market for almost 4 years and continues to help thousands of users.

On the other hand, ShopEngine, also a popular add-on for Elementor, helps design WooCommerce Websites. Like CoDesigner this add-on includes premade shop templates, sliders, menu cart, thank you screen, and other popular widgets. This plugin is almost half a year old based on the CoDesigner age.


Features CoDesigner ShopEngine Top
Free Widgets 40+ 46+ ShopEngine
Pro Widgets 50+ 20 CoDesigner
Templates 130+ 40+ CoDesigner
Modules 15 20+ ShopEngine
Email Designer Yes No CoDesigner
Sliding Cart Yes No CoDesigner
Menu Cart Yes No CoDesigner
Functionalities of CoDesigner and ShopEngine

Analysis: The statistics shown above, define valuable insights of both CoDesigner and ShopEngine features. CoDesigner add-on provides a lot of features, including a good number of free and premium widgets. You can access all the customizable functionalities in WooCommerce. CoDesigner offers eye-catching Shop widgets. You can get almost 15 Shop widgets for your site to build and customize a WooCommerce shop. This add-on comes up with 130+ pre-made templates, including Shop templates, Cart templates,  Single Product templates, and Checkout templates. Most of their templates are free to use

ShopEngine also includes some unique Modules and free widgets that can assist you in creating a fantastic website. ShopEngine also offers 15 shop templates. 

Here is a point to be noted, CoDesigner offers both shop widgets and templates whereas ShopEngine only provides a few templates. CoDesigner Shop widgets have the most customizable functionality.  However, ShopEngine has a greater number of free widgets than CoDesigner. Based on the data from the table and the above analysis, CoDesigner holds the top position.

CoDesigner vs ShopEngine- User Review 

User Review

When an end-user is really pleased with a product or service, they share a review about their experience. This demonstrates that a plugin is extremely beneficial to its users. It also shows the reputation of a company and its trustworthiness. If any company has authentic reviews you can get a clear vision of what you’re going to experience.

However, people’s perceptions can differ at times. Whether it’s a CoDesigner or a ShopEngine, their preferences can change. Let’s have a look at the customer reviews for both of these plugins.

CoDesigner Review ShopEngine Review
WP org 139 WP org 126
5 star 116 5 star 109
Trustpilot None Trustpilot None
CoDesigner vs ShopEngine user review


User Review Analysis

CoDesigner received positive feedback on the WordPress forum. Most of their reviews are based on Products and their support. They have a dedicated and friendly support team to assist their users. It is a sign that customers enjoy using this product and are pleased with its support, features, and updates.

ShopEngine, on the other hand, has a lot of positive feedback too. On TrustPilot, neither of these plugins has any reviews.

CoDesigner vs ShopEngine- Unique Features

CoDesigner vs ShopEngine unique features

Every product has some unique features. CoDesigner and ShopEngine also have some unique features which are popular with their users. Let’s dive into their unique features.

CoDesigner ShopEngine
WooCommerce Checkout Builder Quick Checkout
Shop Builder Gutenberg Blocks
WooCommerce Cart Builder (Free) Variation Swatches
Responsive Design Elegant Designs
Single Product components (Free) Single Product components (Free)
Product Filters (Free) Product Filters (Premium)
Sales Notification Currency Switcher
WooCommerce My Account (free) My Account (premium)
Unique features of both plugins


Unique Features Analysis:

Both plugins offer their own set of functionality. CoDesigner includes site checkout customization. It offers free WooCommerce cart page customization to users. You can use the Horizontal Search Filter for free. Using the CoDesigner, users can also create single product pages in WooCommerce for free.

ShopEngine also has several unique features. This plugin also gives consumers the option of customizing a single product page. The shop page features a premium product filter for searching for products. But this add-on doesn’t provide any option to use a product search filter for free. To search for products, CoDesigner offers both free and premium filter widgets.

Like CoDesigner, ShopEngine offers a WooCommerce My Account widget. But this feature is not available on the free version. CoDesigner offers this feature for free.


CoDesigner vs ShopEngine-Theme Compatability

Theme compatibility

CoDesigner is always aware of the user experience. This plugin has been thoroughly tested with the most popular themes, including Astra, Hello Elementor, Kadence, Neve, OceanWP, Shopeo, StoreFront, Twenty Twelve, Twenty Twenty Three, and others.

ShopEngine is also compatible with popular themes. Shopeo is a free theme created by CoDesigner. ShopEngine does not provide its users with any specific themes.

Theme Compatibility with a plugin ensures the people behind the products are confident with its functionalities. A better plugin always focuses on the user’s choice of what they need actually. In that sense, CoDesigner shared a specific theme list and it’s compatibility.

CoDesigner vs ShopEngine- Who is Behind These Amazing Plugins?

People behind these plugins

Brand value is always important. If your users recognize you, they will always look for you when they have a need. Knowing about the brand behind any products or plugins is a wise selection. It can help you choose the best plugin for your site.

Codexpert is the creator of the incredible WooCommerce Elementor add-on CoDesigner. They also have some more plugins. There are almost 10 products that are built by the dedicated team of Codexpert. Codexpert has a popular plugin called “ThumbPress – Stop Generating Unnecessary Thumbnails” that is used by over 30k people.

WPMet is the creator of ShopEngine, a popular website builder. There are some additional plugins available on the market by WPMet. Their plugin number is less than Codexpert. Their most popular plugin is Elementskit.

CoDesigner vs ShopEngine- Support 

Technical Support

Support is the most important aspect of any business. It is essential for the success of any firm. Because it’s the direct connection between customers and the products. Providing top-notch service any company can gain more trust from their customers. User reviews and support are the most trusted fields when acquiring any products from a website. Let’s take a look at the assistance provided by CoDesigner and ShopEngine.

System CoDesigner ShopEngine
Live Chat CoDesigner provides live chat support to its users ShopEngine also Provides Live chat support to the users
Ticket Support CoDesigner has a ticket support system ShopEngine has this support system too.
Facebook This plugin has messenger support as well ShopEngine also has this support
Live Support CoDesigner has live support for the users This plugin does not provide any live support
CoDesigner vs ShopEngine supports data

Support Analysis

Both of these plugins provide dedicated support to their users. CoDesigner and ShopEngine both provide multiple services to the users. Just a simple difference with the CoDesigner. They provide every possible support for user satisfaction.

CoDesigner vs ShopEngine- WP Hive Overall Analysis

WP Hive is a well-known extension to test any plugins from WordPress. It can analyze a plugin’s overall quality, ease of use, support quality, value for money, and features.

After going over a test for both CoDesigner and ShopEngine they show a huge difference between them. It shows CoDesigner is popular with its users.

WPHive Rating and Review

CoDesigner vs ShopEngine- Pricing Structure


The price you select for your product is most important for your business. People often think that a high price means good quality but it is not always true. When you’re setting a reliable pricing model for your business then it can attract a wider audience.

So, it’s important to select a good pricing model for your business. The pricing structures of CoDesigner and ShopEngine make clear that both follow similar pricing systems. However, the key difference emerges when we delve into the specifics.

Pricing Structure CoDesigner ShopEngine
Yearly With both Free and Pro widgets, along with templates and modules, CoDesigner’s yearly pricing begins at just $49.99.

The best of the yearly plan is unlimited support for the users. 
Free and Pro widgets including templates and Modules. 
The yearly plan starts at $59
5-site 5-site license plan pricing starts at $99.99 Their 5-site plan starts at $149
Lifetime Deals CoDesigner provides lifetime deals for users. Pricing of the Lifetime deal is $749.99 ShopEngine Lifetime plan starts at $599
Bundle This plugin does not provide any bundle plan for the user ShopEngine bundle pricing starts at $399.

All premium features are not available for this.
Discounts Always offers festival discounts for the users There is no information about ShopEngine
CoDesigner vs ShopEngine pricing structure


CoDesigner focuses on user satisfaction. They have a good pricing model in my opinion. When focusing on the yearly pricing plans, particularly the single or 5-site plans, ShopEngine’s pricing appears slightly higher compared to CoDesigner.

Not all users may require the Lifetime (LTD) plan, and in this regard, CoDesigner offers a more advantageous option. Though ShopEngine Lifetime pricing is less than the CoDesigner.


CoDesigner vs ShopEngine- Decision-Making

Comparing all the aspects we have to come to a decision on which of the add-ons is better comparing their pricing model, customization capacity, and number of widgets and templates. When choosing any add-on you’ll get common things between them but some of the factors that make it unique. Here are some factors we have added that can help you decide which Elementor add-on is best for you:


Factors CoDesigner ShopEngine
Pricing Structures CoDesigner offers clear and easy-to-understand pricing, along with additional support for users. ShopEngine also has a well-structured license plan. However, they do not provide additional support after the time period.
Live Support With CoDesigner, users have the flexibility to engage with live support for communication. ShopEngine doesn’t provide this facility for the users.
User Review This section relies on feedback from users, and CoDesigner has received a number of positive user reviews. ShopEngine has a good reviews. But not more than CoDesigner. But it has earned a lot of review within this time duration.
Theme Compatability There are some popular themes tested with CoDesigner. Also, Hello Elementor and Shopeo is the dedicated free theme available for CoDesigener There are no specific themes mentioned on the theme compatibility for ShopEngine. It’s quite confusing.
Live Demo Capacity There is a demo site available for testing CoDesigner’s features before making a purchase. ShopEngine doesn’t have that option available on their site.
Decision Making

Who wins CoDesigner vs ShopEngine?

It’s quite hard to make the decision for these two WooCommerce Elementor add-ons. CoDesigner stands out as the ultimate choice for website design, offering a superior community, robust customization options, live feature testing through a demo site, seamless theme compatibility with popular themes, and unwavering support from a dedicated Support team.


Which one has a better pricing model that offers greater value (CoDesigner vs ShopEngine)?

Checking all the plans of Codesigner and ShopEngine, CoDesigner holds the better pricing model.

Does both plugins have any free version?

Yes! Both of the plugins provide a free version of their plugins.

Is there any Lifetime license plan available?

YES. CoDesigner and ShopEngine both provide Lifetime license plans.

Can I customize the Order email with these plugins?

NO! You can’t customize the order email with ShopEngine. But CoDesigner lets customize order email for their users.

Do both plugins provide Shop templates for the user?

NO! Only CoDesigner has multiple shop widgets including pre-made templates

Final Words

Comparing all the aspects from the view of a user, this blog CoDesigner vs ShopEngine clearly indicates that CoDesigner consistently gains the top place in most cases. If we look at ShopEngine it also achieves some of the top rankings.

ShopEngine, although a newer player compared to CoDesigner, also presents a compelling option for enhancing WooCommerce website design. ShopEngine offers a selection of shop templates, appealing to those who prioritize design variety.

However, based on the above-mentioned study and user requirements, CoDesigner is the finest Elementor add-on for WooCommerce. This add-on is highly favored among entrepreneurs, designers, and web developers seeking more attractive and improved website designs.

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