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Best ways to optimize WooCommerce to get higher conversion rate

WooCommerce has become so popular that globally it dominates over 23.43% of the eCommerce industry. Easy to understand functionality and interface is the main reason behind this. WooCommerce can be used by anyone without any coding knowledge and a basic understanding of WordPress. That’s why it’s an ideal choice for entrepreneurs who are just starting their businesses. 


Optimize WooCommerce – the best eCommerce solution


Benefits of Using WooCommerce


The most beneficial side of WooCommerce is it’s free! You can smoothly run an online shop with it. If you are an advanced user then you can consider other awesome plugins like CoDesigner to enhance its capability.

Also, you have total control over your store data. You won’t need to pay any premium for this. With thousands of free and premium templates, you can beautify your shop page. You can CoDesigner’s shop widgets to customize your shop pages from different aspects

WooCommerce lets you add unlimited amounts of products to your shop. As long you have a good hosting like Namecheap, it won’t create any difference in the site loading speed.

They ensure security and enhance WooCommerce, many contributors are consistently working hard along with Automattic. There are literally thousands of developers you can find to help you with adding custom features to WooComemrce. You will also find free and premium plugins for various features.


What is WooCommerce conversion rate?


WooCommerce conversion rates are calculated by taking the total number of users who purchased a service or product from you and dividing it by the overall size of your audience in percentage.

According to most business leaders, a good conversion rate is above 10%. Earning a good conversion needs both good tactics and luck. That’s why you need to optimize your WooCommerce shop. In this blog post, we will discuss various techniques to optimize your WooCommerce shop for a better conversion rate. Let’s get started!


WooCommerce conversion
Optimize WooCommerce for better conversion


Best ways to optimize WooCommerce shop


It’s essential to optimize WooCommerce to attract more customers to your online store. The more you work on optimizing your online shop’s appearance, the better your probability to get a higher conversion rate. It’s also necessary to optimize all the content and functionalities of your store.

The best practices to optimize WooCommerce shop includes –

  • Apply a clean design with proper site navigation.
  • Make the checkout process easy. (Offer multiple payment methods)
  • Create beautiful shop pages.
  • Modify the cart page.
  • Track and recover abandoned carts.
  • Offer limited-time deals
  • Run campaigns on special occasions
  • Ensure quick and friendly customer service.
  • Write a customer-friendly refund policy.
  • Ensure website responsiveness.
  • Make your website secure and fast.


1. Apply a clean design with proper site navigation


A clean design will attract any customer without any doubt. You need to make sure the design focuses on the services or products you offer. If the website has a complicated design, the customers will get lost eventually and your sales will decrease drastically.

You need to make sure of proper site navigation if your store contains a large number of products. You can use breadcrumbs and a categorized menu to ensure this. Also, make sure the permalinks contain the category and product slugs. This will take you one step ahead to optimize WooCommerce store.


2. Make the checkout process easy


A complicated checkout process is the most common cause of fewer conversions. You also always keep the relevant parts of the checkout page. Any irrelevant and long sections can make the customers disappointed.

You should also consider offering multiple payment methods. This will ensure no one is leaving your store just because you don’t accept their payment method. You can use the Elementor-based WooCommerce customizer – CoDesigner to optimize your checkout page. It has 8 widgets to fully change the look of your checkout page.

3. Create beautiful shop pages


A shop is the most important interface of a WooCommerce store. You should not expect good conversion rates if your storefront is junky. You can make it eye-catchy to your visitors by applying premade designs.

You can select from eye-catching shop templates by CoDesigner. Also, this plugin offers 11 shop widgets to customize the shop pages. Also, you should try the CoDesigner single product template widgets to change the design even more.

Consider showing related and top-selling products on your WooCommerce shop. This is a clever way to attract users to buy them. It will save their time to find out the best product in your store.


WooCommerce Cart
WooCommerce Cart


4. Modify the cart page


Modifying the cart page is another great way to optimize the WooCommerce checkout page. You consider deleting irrelevant data columns and show only the relevant columns on your cart page.

Also, remove any unnecessary buttons from your cart page. You can make the cart page even more personalized by changing the default texts. CoDesigner is the best tool to do all this for you. It will let you change these things without writing any code! Learn more about customizing the cart page in this blog post.


5. Track and recover abandoned carts


It’s extremely important to track and recover abandoned carts for business sustainability. If you ignore to know why customers are abandoning the cart then your store will be closing off soon.  That’s why you should always track the abandoned carts of your WooCommonerce store. This will help you in taking the necessary steps to improve your website.

Also, you will get to understand the behavior of your customer. Which will help you improve your product quality and increase the conversion rate. You can try WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart and YITH WooCommerce Recover Abandoned cart plugin to track the abandoned carts of your WooComemrce store.


6. Offer limited-time deals


Offering limited-time deals is a great technique to turn more visitors into customers and ultimately increase the conversion rate. You can offer limited-time discounts on popular products, create FOMO campaigns, special discounts, etc.

LImited-time deals can help you achieve recurring customers. The ones who have purchased a product at a special discount might wait and buy again on the next deal.

7. Run campaigns on special occasions


Running promotional campaigns is also a fruitful way to optimize WooCommerce. Because most customers seek discounts on special occasions like Christmas, Easter Sunday, New Year’s day, etc. So that’s a good time to boost your WooCommerce conversion rate. Plan various ideas for email marketing, advertisements, and posts for special occasions. This will help you to ensure a good conversion on your store.


Maintain a good Customer support
Maintain a good Customer support


8. Ensure quick and friendly customer service


Quick and friendly customer service is one of the major elements of a successful business. Customers are more likely to go through various types of issues while making a purchase or using a product.

Often customers might face a complicated situation when they expect a quick response from customer support. Although it’s quite impossible to give 24/7 support to most businesses. But you need to make sure the customer gets notified when the support team is not available. Adding the Facebook official messenger plugin will boost your customer service to the next level. It will help you set automatic responses, out-of-office notice, operating time, and many more!

You need to make sure those awaiting customers get support as soon as the customer care team is back in the office. Also, train your team in a way that they are polite to every customer. This will highly increase your business reputation and the customer will not think twice before purchasing a product again.


9. Write a customer-friendly refund policy


Writing an easy-to-understand and customer-friendly refund policy is a good practice. This will help you maintain a good relationship with the customers. Also, you won’t have a disappointing situation if you have a well-written refund policy.

Make sure your refund policy is highlighted on your WooCommerce store. An easy-to-find refund policy will help the customers be mindful while purchasing a good from your store.


Optimize WooCommerce store by making it fully responsive
Optimize WooCommerce store by making it fully responsive


10. Ensure website responsiveness


Every effort can be wasted if your website is not responsive. You need to make sure that every part of your WooCommerce store is responsive to increase the conversion rate. Most of the visitors are uses mobile devices to do online shopping according to multiple surveys. That’s why it’s so important to make your website fully responsive, especially for mobile devices.

You should also make sure that your website is responsive on desktop and tablet devices too. Otherwise, the visitors coming from these devices will be disappointed and you will lose a valuable customer. You should try the Mobile Simulator extension to check the resposivness of your website using Edge, Chrome, and Firefox browsers.


11. Make your website secure and fast


A secure and fast website can make your site stand out in the industry. You need to have an SSL certificate otherwise which can certify that your website is secure. Also, you need this to use most of the payment gateways. Because nowadays most gateways don’t even accept applications if your site is not SSL certified.

It will make sure your customers are confident when entering payment details on your site. This way your customer will be ensured that there are no risks involved and their card details won’t be stolen. Consider visiting Namecheap for good deals on SSL certificates.


Wrapping it up


Optimizing a WooCommerce store for a better conversion rate might be time-consuming but it can bring an enormous change to your business. You can achieve more loyal and recurring customers if you follow every step mentioned in this article. Let us know which steps were most interesting to you. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment if you have more exclusive ideas to share with us.


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