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Why Elementor page builder is so popular?

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There are numerous ways you can customize and design your WordPress websites based on your preferences. Someone with extensive knowledge of coding and programming can easily make their own customizations. But if you do not possess the knowledge of coding and programming, should that stop you from customizing your website on WordPress?

Well here, page builders come in handy. Page builder plugins let you customize and build pages of your choice without having to spend money or time. Elementor Page Builder is one of the most popular page builders, with over 5 million active users. The popularity of Elementor is so massive among users that 8.8 million+ websites have been created by it. What sparks this kind of popularity for Elementor, and why is it still growing each day? We will find out all about it.

Understanding Elementor Page Builder

What is Elementor?

Elementor is a page builder that is enlarged with various functions to build and customize every part of your website. This page builder can produce simple to complex websites without having to wobble through coding. Elementor Page Builder simply uses drag-and-drop functions to edit every part and let users give a professional touch to their website.

Elementor comes in both free and pro versions. Although Elementor Pro contains a lot of unique features, you can still make well-organized professional websites with the free version of Elementor. This page builder can seamlessly coordinate with any other plugin and enhance the user experience. Here, any developer can be a part of the improvement, which easily steals users’ attention to go into the customization of their choice.

Top Features of Elementor Page Builder

Elementor has different features based on the version you are using. The free version of Elementor has:

  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • Numerous template designs
  • 100+ widgets
  • Live editing and previewing features
  • Well-developed website kits
  • Page templates to choose from
  • Customization of every aspect
  • CSS transform
  • Parallax
  • Motion effects
  • Landing page builder
  • Multilingual support
  • Safe mode

Features of Elementor Pro

  • Advanced widget lists
  • Global editing features
  • Global custom CSS
  • Notes in the editor
  • Pop-up templates
  • Template shortcode
  • Custom fonts
  • Adobe fonts uploader
  • Sticking message while scrolling
  • 3D tilt effect
  • Page transitions
  • Scroll snap
  • wooCommerce builder
  • Form Builder
  • Popup Builder
  • Action links
  • Customizable HTML tags
  • Multi-step forms
  • Advanced form features
  • Integrations with Mailchimp, ConvertKit, ReCaptcha, Drip, Discord, Slack, Google Maps, and many more.

There are various features in the premium version that will definitely make your website exceptional if used in the proper direction. It can be used by anyone, from novices to professionals, for the purpose of customizing beautiful WordPress websites.

Parks of using Elementor Page Builder

Elementor Page Builder is something that can provide benefits to all kinds of users in WordPress. Everyone, from designers to WooCommerce storeholders, can have a uniquely built and designed website on WordPress through this page builder. There is hardly any other page builder that can provide such flexibility and usability to users in WordPress. Here are some perks of using the Elementor page builder:

  • Elementor Page Builder is flexible and completely made to satisfy every kind of user. The unique collection of features gives flexibility in design and choice. Users with zero knowledge of coding can make their own fully functional website.
  • The simple interface of Elelmentor makes it usable for beginners and does not scare away users. Even if you lack experience with page builders, you can still easily navigate all of Elelmentor’s functions. Since it is very well managed and works just by drag and drop, users find it easy.
  • Customize themes using your own elements, or you can choose from the abundance of themes in Elelementor.
  • Elementor makes perfectly responsive websites that can fit on any kind of device. Elementor also provides different device interfaces to check website appearance on different devices, as per your choice.
  • Elementor offers 24/7 support to their customers, which showcases their dedication to customer loyalty and satisfaction.

15+ Reasons Behind Elementor Page Builders Popularity

Elementor has gained massive popularity over time, and people are going crazy over this page builder. Why? Let’s find out the 15+ reasons behind the massive popularity of Elementor.

1. All-in-one Platform

Element is one spot for every kind of solution for your website. You can very easily edit, build, and customize your website pages. There is no need for any other plugin for the customization of your website because Ellementor has it all. From building an attractive landing page to customizing every part of the website, it maximizes user satisfaction.

Elementor Page builder - all in one platform

Since users can easily navigate around to find every support needed for website customization, Elelmentor has become popular among users. The drag-and-drop option lets you use any pictures or writings without having to write a single code.

2. Designs are pixel-perfect

With the designs of Elelmentor, you can get a sharp and maximum level of fidelity in your website designs. Edit every last pixel of your website with ease, without any breakage. You can follow easy steps to customize every line, shape, space, and widget with Elementor, and no blurring, distortions, or aberrations will be found. The pixel-perfect designs of Elelmentor Page Builder let users design their website without any worry of blurring.

3. Create Responsive Websites

Websites made with Elementor are responsive on all devices. No matter how much the websites are edited no laggings are seen in the website. With the custom breakpoint options, you can provide a smooth interface for visitors to your website.

create responsive website with Elementor

The elevated feature of Elementor Page Builder gives you total control over your designs and website and keeps the page running smoothly.

4. Complete Website Kit

Elementor’s complete website kit can save time for anyone trying to get a basic website. By using this kit, you can get a fully developed website with Elelmentor Page Builder in just one click. This kind of website includes all the important pages, like the home page, the service page, and a few other pages.

Fully stack with website kit

You can also add various single pages from the library according to your preference. With Elementor, it is very easy to create a website blueprint for any other website by creating and exporting pages from WordPress. This is something that seems to attract user attention. Elementor Page Builder is not just something that builds websites for you in WordPress but also comes in handy when creating pages for any other platform of your choice.

5. Versatile Template Library

Elementor offers versatile templates that are both professional and customizable. These templates let users implement their vision and generate inspiration to create something better. Elementor templates range up to 300+ designs and are made to be completely customizable without facing any intensive problems. Users of Elementor Page Builder love and appreciate these templates’ fertility and accessibility, which makes their experience better each day.

6. Abundance of Widget

Elementor has various kinds of widgets that are ever-growing. You can access the basic widgets from the free version and the pro version of Elementor Page Builder contains a lot more. With the use of this widget, you can increase engagement and get visitors’ appreciation for your website. Since Elementor offers a lot of widgets which are increasing almost daily based on the needs of users, you can easily choose the widgets you might need for your website and showcase the information of your choice. These widgets can vary from text writing to dynamic information which would only increase the functionality of your website.

7. Accessibility For All

Elementor is accessible to all and from all devices. This plugin is made to be accessible for website creation and customization, irrespective of the experience one possesses.

Elementor page builder is Accessible for everyone

The easy navigation of this plugin provides users with a better experience when creating full-stack websites. The popularity of Elementor is hyped up due to its accessibility since anyone can participate in the process.

8. Easy Layout Control

The layout control in Elementor Page Builder is super easy. You can work on your website and control the layouts manually. The flexibility of adjusting is incredible; you can adjust the spacing, columns, and space in between just by dragging and pulling them in place.

Easily control all the layouts

This super easy layout control makes the creation of a website even easier for beginners and even experts.

9. Open Source Platform

Elementor is an open-source platform where any developer can contribute and customize based on their needs. Here, developers can not only improve Elementor Page Builders capabilities but also access different resources like developer docs, GitHub, the developer’s website, and many more.

10. Maximization of Security

Elementor is popular among users for its safe and secure code, which is also data-encrypted, end-to-end, and secured to prevent any unauthorized access.

maximize security of website with Elementor

Elelmentor is certified by ISO 27001 and there is a security team 24/7 involved for customer support. The security system makes elementor safe for users which contributes to its popularity even more.

11. Device Preview options

Elementor page builder has device preview options that show what different devices users will see based on the devices they are using. Since most websites are accessed through mobile, this feature comes in really handy. The user can customize characters based on the preview of certain devices.

12. Live Editing and Previewing

With Elementor you can edit any part of the website and preview it at the same time. Which gives you an in-depth view of what you are editing and where you need to place certain characters. Users find this feature to be catchy and friendly for any work which also contributes to its popularity.

13. Seamless Integration With Third-party Gears

Another super attractive feature of elementor is that this can seamlessly integrate with quite a lot of third-party gear. When building a full-function website and putting it up as a site for visitors few integrations become important. Without those integrations, visitors cannot get the enjoyment of a site properly. A few mentionable integrations are MailChimp, HubSpot, Discord, Facebook SDK, Slack, Google Maps API, and many more.

14. Global customization

Global customization of Elelmentor refers to the ability to apply consistent changes across several pages on a website. This feature helps users to maintain a professional and consistent look on their website.

Apply consistent changes all across

Global customization ensures a consistent and uniform appearance of a website across all the pages, providing a similar color scheme, fonts, and styling. This way, users can make the changes time-efficient and the maintenance easy.

15. Effortless Animation and Motion Effects

Elementor’s effortless motion and animation features have been a great contributor to its popularity. This feature is a game-changer for users when creating websites. With animation and motion effects, users can bring life to their website without the need for coding. This also increases visitors’ attention to the website. For the easy and dynamic features of Elementor Page Builder, it has made quite room for itself.

16. Multilingual Support

With elementor, you get a fully translated editor and panel in 59 languages. The multilingual function of Elementor shows inclusivity and is loved by people of all languages.

get multilingual support
Multilingual Support in Elementor Page Builder

You can also contribute to adding different languages by visiting It is also compatible with WPML, Weglot, TranslatePress, and many more. So any user, regardless of their language, can use Elementor Page Builder with ease.

17. Strong Community support

Elementor has a strong community base where everyone loves to help each other. You can find all sorts of communities, from the Facebook community to the GitHub community to the Community Hub. Having a strong community base makes it popular because anyone can find their desired answers from them, and any problem can be fixed with the help of so many people.

Final Thoughts

Elementor is a page builder that is loved by a huge number of people. This handy and user-friendly page builder catches everyone’s attention by being easy to use. With the growing need for websites for all kinds of businesses and other aspects, Elementor is thriving to its peak. Since everyone willing to make a website does not want to go through the juggling of codes, Elementor Page Builder is a savior here. The popularity of Elementor is attributed to several factors, like its all-in-one platform, Accessibility for all, a vast range of designs and templates, a maximum level of security, etc. If you are someone looking for a page builder that would be handy and easily accessible, Elementor Page Builder is your best choice, without any doubt.


How much does Elementor Pro cost?
Eloementor Pro comes in four plans which are Basic, Business, Grow, and Scale. They all have different pricing and range from $9.99 to $49.99.

What is the disadvantage of using Elementor Page Builder?
With Elementror it is possible to see the website slowing down sometimes. Since Elemetor adds a lot of coding to your website this might slow down the overall speed of your website. Sometimes Elementor can conflict with other plug-ins but this is very rare.

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